In 2013, the release of the new, at that time, free shooter Warface took place, and today in our review we will try to understand the question of whether the game is relevant in 2023.

It’s worth saying right away that compared to the original version, modern Warface has changed a lot. No, conceptually this is still the same shooter game that we all know, but global changes have occurred in various aspects, which we will also briefly discuss in this material.


So, here we have a typical first-person shooter with an emphasis on the competitive online aspect. The main occupation of the players is to hack each other on different maps using modern weapons, explosives, perks and talents of their fighters. Victory in matches is won not only by skilled guys, but also by those participants who are ready to act as a team.

The fights in the game are very dynamic, you need to react quickly to what is happening on the screen. The impact from weapons is present, and there are a lot of guns themselves. The gamer’s activity is encouraged by various poles, there are many modes, there are updated tasks and contracts, the completion of which provides even more rewards.


Review of the shooter Warface - is the game relevant in 2023?

In battles, you will fight by first selecting a specific fighter. Players are invited to determine a more comfortable pace of battle by choosing a medic, sniper, attack aircraft, engineer or SED. True, to begin with, in order to gain access to all the heroes, you will have to level up a little – this is done in order to complicate the life of twinkies and cheaters, of whom, unfortunately, there are a lot here.

Each class has its own unique features and talents, and they also wield specific weapons. Guns are attached to the character and have their own characteristics. In short, you’ll have to think about who you’re most comfortable playing and which fighter you’ll bring the most value to your team with.

PvP and PvE

Review of the shooter Warface - is the game relevant in 2023?

Despite the fact that Warface is designed for PvP, there are also PvE aspects here. Well, so that the players have something to spend their time on, you know? What is its essence? Yes, everything is simple – you need to go through some kind of mission (they are called special operations here) against bots, shooting crowds of dummies. The AI ​​of the enemies is extremely stupid, even if you have never played a shooter before, it will not be difficult for you to defeat them.

As for PvP, then, in principle, there is nothing to say. This game has several modes for online battles, in which one team must destroy the other. This action takes place in special (usually tiny) arenas with plenty of cover and the ability to get around the enemy from an unexpected direction.

What’s new this year?

Review of the shooter Warface - is the game relevant in 2023?

One of the most interesting new features in Warface is the mod system. With its help, you can improve your weapon by choosing a specific effect for it. Mods are unlocked through normal play. That is, you need to use a specific gun, gaining experience on it, in order to then open slots for mods and get, for example, an increase in damage or reload speed.

In addition, the game developers have long gained experience at various thematic events, which take place in Warface with enviable regularity. Typically, activities appear along with a new season, when maps are updated, characters get new skins, and so on.

Of course, visually and technically the game is also constantly being improved, new modes are being added, fresh guns are being introduced, and the detail of everything is increasing. The developers replaced the outdated user interface with a new one and simplified interaction with the main game functions.


Review of the shooter Warface - is the game relevant in 2023?

Are there cheaters in Warface? Yes, and there are quite a lot of them. Unfortunately, this is the problem with any free (and not only) modern game, especially if it allows you to bend other players. No matter what the authors of the shooting games try to do, they cannot completely defeat these guys.

As in any other shooter, the cheater can kill you through a wall or give you a headshot from the other side of the map. Some particularly resourceful guys find a way to screw up the server itself, as a result of which your entire team simply drops out of the match, and the game starts to lag wildly.

Of course, cheaters in Warface are constantly banned, but what’s stopping them from creating a new account and continuing to spoil people’s gameplay? This can only be resolved in one way – a hardware ban with the impossibility of further play. But how can this be implemented without harming the community? This is an open question.


Review of the shooter Warface - is the game relevant in 2023?

Well, the most delicious thing, namely donut. How are things going with him in Warface? Overall, it’s not bad, there’s definitely no “peytuvin” here.

The game provides a large number of opportunities to get the desired gun, mod or skin for a character; for this you just need to be active. Warface has a battle pass with upgradeable levels, the ability to receive sets with gear for matches or, for example, participate in quizzes and win various goodies. You can get all this for real money, which will significantly speed up your leveling, but that’s where all the benefits of donating end.

What’s cool is that the game allows you to take a credit donation. That is, the game will loan you a certain amount of donation currency, which you will then need to return. Convenient, but not suitable for everyone (there are certain conditions for using the service).


In short, is it worth jumping into Warface right now, especially if you’ve never played free online shooters before? Why not. True, you need to be prepared for the fact that the game has far from next-gen graphics (although this is even a plus for some), the dominance of cheaters and, in principle, it is not able to offer anything new in the genre. But, as an option for killing free time – why not.


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