In this review we will talk about a game called Enlisted, we will discuss all its strengths and weaknesses.

What game is this

So, it’s worth saying right away that Enlisted is an online shooter made in the setting of World War II. The project is distributed according to a shareware model, and is a sort of cross between Kalda and Battle with more primitive graphics, but a larger set of activities. Although the picture is not particularly worse, even in some moments there are shots that are more pleasing to the eye, but, yes, the epicness is not at the level that we are used to seeing in Western jokes.

The development of Enlisted was led by the company Gaijin, which, although it has left the Russian market, is still actively supporting and developing its titles for the Russian-speaking audience. Among the studio’s other projects, we can note such games as War Thunder, Crossout and Star Conflict – all of these games are quite popular among Russian gamers.

The main feature of Enlisted is that we can control not just one specific fighter, but an entire squad consisting of several warriors. Battles take place on large maps, where dozens of players converge in intense clashes. In addition, victory in the battle will be won by those who know how to competently combine efforts with other team members, so numerical superiority on the battlefield is not a guarantee of success.


Review of the shooter Enlisted - our project worthy of attention

The gameplay in Enlisted follows a simple principle. Before the start of the match (this could be a battle to destroy the entire enemy team or, for example, to capture and hold points), you select a squad and go into battle. Gradually moving towards the desired sector, you shoot enemies, destroy their equipment and aircraft, and also capture strategic fortifications.

Yes, in Enlisted you can fight not only on foot, but also use military equipment from the Second World War. These include tanks, armored personnel carriers, and airplanes. The fighters have at their disposal firearms, grenades, melee weapons and various devices belonging to a specific class. You can choose an engineer, a sniper or a flamethrower, and your further tactics in the confrontation will depend on this role. The first is capable of building fences and shelters, which is why any team will be glad to have more of such useful guys.


Review of the shooter Enlisted - our project worthy of attention

Enlisted offers several modes for online battles. In general, you won’t see anything particularly new here: as a rule, we are talking about capturing key points with the only difference being that in the modes you can select one character or several at once. The shooter can be played solo or in company with friends – the second option is more preferable, since in this outcome you will be able to interact more competently with the squad and quickly respond to changes on the battlefield.

Enlisted also has a story campaign, consisting of a set of missions with a historical background. The developers have tried to provide players with the opportunity to fight on the battlefields, taking part in iconic historical moments. Activision and DICE do the same when developing single-player modes in their games. Of course, in our case, Enlisted does not have the same large budget, but in some aspects you can enjoy the epicness and even a certain amount of drama.

Well, to put it simply, the plot in this game is screwed in for a practical purpose. Firstly, by completing tasks, you will receive your first equipment and will immediately upgrade it. Secondly, you will become familiar with the available game mechanics and prepare for a full-fledged breakthrough into multiplayer. You can also practice shooting and handling one or another model of weapon at the training ground, which we would not recommend neglecting. In general, useful.


Review of the shooter Enlisted - our project worthy of attention

As mentioned above, in Enlisted you will have not one, but many characters at once. All of them are divided into units, according to rarity and potential. Fighters have unique perks that unlock as they level up. For example, you can make someone faster or give them the ability to hold time while aiming for 2 times longer than others can do.

Squads are divided into factions, and on one account you can choose any nations – there are no restrictions. Before the battle, fighters can be equipped in a special way, giving them some unique guns or devices. With leveling up your squad, you will also receive special resources for leveling up weapons, so in terms of progression, Enlisted is all interesting (you will definitely find something to spend the experience you gain on).


Review of the shooter Enlisted - our project worthy of attention

In addition to upgrading units, weapons and individual characters, the game also offers various things typical of most modern online projects.

For example, there is a standard battle pass that you need to upgrade by participating in battles. For achieving levels you will receive interesting characters, weapons and, of course, cosmetics. You can also gain experience by completing tasks that are constantly updated. Everything is simple here – we look at the goal (for example, kill a specific number of enemies) and, when we achieve it, we receive a reward.

Of course, Enlisted also has a premium account, the presence of which significantly speeds up your leveling. By filling a certain amount of real currency, you receive a bonus to the experience gained, money, as well as additional bonuses such as +1 to the fighters in the squad. Should we deny that premium affects gameplay? Yes and no. In terms of saving time – yes, in terms of making it harder for other players to kill you – no.


Review of the shooter Enlisted - our project worthy of attention

Is Enlisted worth playing? If the phrase “free online shooter” doesn’t bother you, and you’re looking for a game with full Russian localization, it’s definitely worth it. Is it possible to play the project without donating? It’s possible, but with it progress will be much faster and more comfortable.

On the other hand, the gameplay in Enlisted is practically no different from the gameplay in most Western shooter analogues. If you don’t want to bother with all these bypasses of blocking, but the process itself is important to you, then this entertainment can captivate you. In addition, the game is absolutely not demanding on a PC, so you can run it even on an ancient “bucket”.

As for the rest, you need to try.


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