Great Korean MMORPG with nice environments, interesting storyline and massive PvP

This time we will talk about such a game as Titan SiegeMMO RPG, in which you have to get involved in the confrontation between the gods and the titans. The gods, by the way, are well known to everyone, from the myths of Scandinavia and Ancient Greece.

In general, mythology is a topic loved by many developers. After all, there is no need to think over the setting, decide who will be Good and who will be Evil. It’s simple – I took some group of myths, adapted it for the game, and that’s it, the plot is ready. Yes, and users are very positive about such projects.

In general, no cons, only pluses.

Of course, you won’t get by with the plot alone in the game, you need to work on the gameplay and on the graphics. And here everything is very familiar. The gameplay is exactly the same as in all Korean MMOs, and the graphics, although not bad, but without anything particularly outstanding. Classic anime characters with armor and weapons decorated like Christmas toys, pretty landscapes and lots of special effects.

But first things first.

Rookie Titan Slayers

titan seaage fight with mobsThe gameplay is easy to learn, at high levels there are a lot of skills that will need to be correctly placed

Remember we talked about familiar gameplay?

It is made in the style of classic, familiar MMOs such as WoW and Lineage.

That is, we choose a target (no non-target), and start using our skills against it.

Each of them has its own cooldown (recharge time), and therefore it is always necessary to calculate in what order these skills are used.

At high levels, we play pianist – that is, we use two or three dozen skills, and in various combinations.

Although it all depends on the class and build.

Speaking of classes, there are only five of them here, and all of them are well known to fans of MMO RPGs. Here is the whole list:

Warrior. A typical melee who can deal damage (however, not too good), and maybe be a tank. And, since this is the only tank in the game, in this kind of buildup (in the sense of a tank one), it is indispensable for any group.

titan siege classesFive classes to choose from – there is a tank, and dd / rdd, and heal

Priest. Yes, you understood correctly, this is the same healer, without which, as well as without a tank, it is almost unthinkable to go through any dungeons. The priest, if desired, can deal with damage, but he is most in demand as a support class.

Witch. In Titan Siege, this is what they call a mage. All the signs are obvious – he owns fire and ice magic (you decide what to pump), he is excellent at dealing damage, especially against groups of enemies, extremely vulnerable in hand-to-hand combat.

Assassin. Everyone’s favorite (and someone hated) fighter of the invisible front. One of the most difficult characters to master, which is definitely not worth starting with for beginners. But in skillful hands, he becomes perhaps the most dangerous opponent in PvP. All in all, a classic killer.

sorcerer. That’s the name of the summoner class here. A black and white mage (for it is not entirely clear what he uses more – Light or Darkness), who knows how to raise a variety of undead, and at the same time attacks opponents with various spells. Not the easiest character, but at the same time – very interesting.

Activities for heroes

titan siege quests in the villageIn this game you will have something to do – a bunch of quests, both story and side, group dungeons, raids on world bosses

In any proper MMO RPG, there is always something for every player. Titan Siege is no exception.

As always, the first thing the player is offered is to deal with the plot.

In short – the Titans broke free and decided to make everyone bad, both gods and mortals. The gods, with the support of the heroes, began to strike back. But the celestials never knew how to live together, and even in the face of a deadly threat, they continued to fight with each other. They divided into two factions, one of which the player joins (you decide who you like best).

But the plot in the game is somewhat conditional – the tasks are made on the principle of “go and kill so many monsters”, and the story is not given enough attention. Basically, users here are engaged in PvP and PvE battles.

Everything is like a textbook. PvE is, first of all, grind. The same Korean. Here you have to destroy literally hundreds of monsters in order to pump at least a little. But doing just that quickly gets boring.

It is much more interesting to go through the dungeons as part of a group. There are also raids and fights with world bosses (each of which is made in the form of one or another god or titan).

In principle, nothing that we would not have seen in other games, but it does not become less interesting from this.

titan siege castle siege pvpFunny and hardcore castle sieges, killings of the opposite faction and many other PvP entertainment

For fans of PvP, there will also be entertainment here, and very hardcore ones.

It will not be possible to kill representatives of your faction, but you can hunt opponents almost without restrictions.

And if you are tired of killing singles (or not a single interesting target comes across), then there is always the opportunity to join massive battles.

There are many options for group brawls.

There were sieges too – owning a castle gives you considerable advantages.

And enemies will not give it to you with kindness.

Titan Siege Video Trailer


Titan Siege is a project for fans of classic Korean MMOs and fans of good, hardcore PvP. Easy to learn, comfortable for the player, but by no means “lightweight”. And with many interesting possibilities. In general, we can say that it is worth your attention. So go ahead, fight the titans!


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