Racing browser game with cash rewards

You know, representatives of what genre are very rare among IMO? Lest you guess – this is race.

How often do you come across projects of this type, focused exclusively on multiplayer? Certainly less common than RPGs and shooters, right?

But the game we are reviewing today belongs precisely to this genre. And . True, there is exactly the same opportunity to lose this very money – but we will analyze everything related to this side of the gameplay a little later. First, let’s deal with the gameplay, graphics and other features.

By the way, there is another interesting feature of this game – it is browser. That is, you do not need to install a client here, all you need is a plugin Unity 3D.

Before monsters, like the latest Need for Speed, this project does not hold out, but for a browser it looks very worthy. However, read on, and you will understand everything yourself.

Beginner Pilot Courses

money racing startAlthough this game has simple and clear controls, direct hands are in the first place here.

You read it right – here the players are called exactly pilots. The point is that we have Formula 1 racing simulator, and they use this term. Although everything is by no means so difficult. Management is generally simple: forward arrow – gas, back arrow – brake, left and right arrows – change the trajectory of movement (in other words, turn your car in one direction or another). There are also places marked in green on the map (the rest of the map is white). On these segments, you can accelerate – the spacebar is responsible for this. As you can see, everything is very simple. There are no classes here – everyone starts with the same characteristics, so the starting conditions are the same for any player.

By the way, calling the project a simulator will not work in any way – this arcade pure water. The laws of physics have not been “delivered” (so far, at least). There are no skids in principle, the car behaves the same on any surface (asphalt or grass – everything is the same), and acceleration exclusively in the areas designated for this looks somewhat … strange.

There are other moments that are not entirely realistic. For example, an automatic decrease or increase in speed at certain points on the route. It is clear that the developers have made life easier for us, but in Formula 1 an automatic transmission is not used. A hitch. You get used to all this very quickly, but some moments are still somewhat annoying. True, not much.

Knockout or “winner takes all”

money racing car racingFor starters, it’s worth practicing on tracks specially made for this, pumping your driving skills.

The racing rules are very simple. Each race has two laps. To participate in the race, you must pay an entry fee. The one who came first wins the race and gets the whole amount – the rest just lose money (which means that the risk of losing money always remains). And to come first here is not the easiest task, in each race there are by no means few participants, and among them there are always a couple of experienced pilots, who are really difficult to get around.

But no one forces you to immediately enter into confrontation with skilled racers – there is always training tracks. Here you can practice before the real competition and see if it makes sense to go into serious competition, or better still practice. Practice tracks completely duplicate those on which the main races take place, so get to know them like the back of your hand. Otherwise, any experienced player will bypass you in two counts. And then you don’t even get to show the “Best Lap Time”.

By the way, getting this “achievement” means that you beat all the other players on this track, which means that you have a lot of chances to win. But even if you were able to achieve such a result, do not relax. There is no limit to perfection, so there can always be a pilot who achieves the best result. Therefore, you should always remember about the training tracks and constantly practice on them – this is what will allow you to win races more often and get paid for it.


money racing check in menuMoney Racing was created for those who love risk and adrenaline competitions.

The project turned out to be very original. Of course, there is nothing to think about seriously earning big money here – for this you need to be literally a brilliant racer. But a bit to improve your financial situation and at the same time get a lot of pleasure – that’s welcome.

For those who like to take risks (even if the risk is not great – not that much money is at stake here), and enjoy dynamic, adrenaline-filled competitions – the game Money Racing fits perfectly. However, if you are a racing lover, then you will also like the project.

Another plus of the game, if you compare it with classic online casinos, here the winnings depend solely on the direct hands of the pilot, and not on such a dubious parameter as luck.

In general, start the race, and let the victory go to the best!


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