Zombie fans are brave people who crave extreme sports and various challenges. Moreover, they can cope with any difficulty and stay alive. Want to make sure that you are truly a brave hero among the insatiable zombies? Then test yourself by playing Land of the Dead: Survival.

Land of the Dead: Survival is a browser game related to the story of the zombie apocalypse. It contains role-playing elements. The game was launched on November 6, 2019 and was created by the developer: Tishchenko S.Sergey. Publisher: html5.

The planet was overtaken by a major zombie apocalypse. There were about 7 billion people, but due to the invasion of zombies, only 1 percent of the population remained on earth. It’s good when there are no rivals and there is an opportunity to survive on your own, having a lot of resources, but is it possible to be exactly safe between enemies at every turn? Therefore, you will meet a girl on the road who will introduce you to others – those who are also looking for a way to survive.

What will you do in a world full of surprises?

  1. Fight zombies
  2. Seek resources for life
  3. Explore different places
  4. Create the best version of your base/city

You will arrive in the city of Nightstone. In this city you will have your own base with comrades, where there are workshops, warehouses and houses where you will live. This kind of base, you will need to develop and improve to a good state, because this is your refuge. As a result of this, you will be provided with new weapons and rewards. Weapons and equipment are not the only things you will need.

land of the dead: survival

You will have to take risks and face the difficulties – to look for the necessary resources, while not becoming a victim of zombies. Thanks to resources, you can make a lot of useful items. There is a crafting system for this.

Recipes for crafting can be found in the workshop. Some players might be scared, but don’t be afraid. Monsters can be destroyed, as well as get used to them! After the first meetings with them, the fear evaporates, and you can no longer feel the horror as at the first time. You need to fight the brain-eaters in a step-by-step mode. When you defeat them, check their pockets and click on the “magnifying glass” to take their estate. From them you can find useful resources, such as: wood, scrap metal, food.

In order not to join the ranks of the dead, you should carefully and often check the availability of food and water in your inventory. Think carefully when choosing weapons, because they are very different and there can be many choices. The development of the player and his skills is important, because if you do not follow this, then the player can be weak, compared to his comrades, and fall behind them. When you reach a new level, you may have 2 choices waiting for you: two different abilities. And you can choose only 1. When you level up, you get different points. For money, health, construction, skills and the like. Therefore, this is also an incentive for your development.

land of the dead: survival

There are different looks. You can choose: face, hair and mustache / beard for your hero. Clothes can be changed, but only if you found it or sewed it yourself. Appearance can be changed in your profile. You can also track your skills and achievements there.

When performing tasks or under urgent circumstances, you will need to speed up. To do this, you can spend more energy and run faster.

However, this way your energy can run out too quickly. It takes at least 18 energy crystals to run to a certain place. If you need to save energy, it is better to sacrifice time. Don’t forget there are cars. When driving a car, the transport spends durability. To restore the stock, you need to use auto parts.

Since the role-playing game on your way will meet many new heroes, as well as you will become a participant in various incidents. The heroine you meet first will be called Sophia. She will always accompany and help, giving hints, describing further actions and supporting you. Many quest-like tasks will await you. This is a lot of fun, but at the same time responsible. Therefore, make the right choice and actively complete tasks in the territory with the rest of the survivors.

land of the dead: survival

Your goal: to return the usual pace of life and save humanity.

Can you achieve this alone? No. Therefore, you have the opportunity to join a clan and find friends in the game itself. You will have a chat and the game provides new notifications that will inform you about events and new letters from real comrades.

The graphics are very nice and high quality, despite the fact that it is browser-based and quite simple. It can be seen that the creators tried 100%. The characters are very beautiful, every detail is underlined. Weapons, buildings, rooms and ruins look quite realistic. Thanks to this, a special atmosphere of the game appears and people can feel as if they are there and as if such a world exists in reality.

The game is free-to-play. Donat is not present here, so it is clear that you will pump yourself and everything is in your hands.

land of the dead: survival

Developers care about the convenience of their own players and the audience, so they always try to eliminate all bugs and errors. Last time bugs were fixed with:

  • disappearance of clan lists
  • with bugs while moving on the map
  • hovering at different locations and with objects

Summing up and analyzing the game from all sides, we can say that it really needs attention. Role-playing with an excellent plot, excellent graphics, the presence of various quests, exciting events, many bonuses – all this can hook and captivate you in the gameplay. If you have been looking for a zombie game for a long time or wanted to plunge into the world of survival and feel brave, then by all means launch the game and try yourself in this.


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