Military-themed games never seem to get old, because since childhood, a person, especially a boy, has been instilled with the idea of ​​​​being a defender and a fighter. Therefore, in the game industry, there are a lot of projects dedicated to wars – the First World War, and the Second World War, and local conflicts such as the War of Independence, and the Third World War, and even the wars of ancient people with aliens were lit up here. There are strategies and shooters, RPGs and sandboxes, as well as online projects like World of Tanks and others. But even for people who do not want to spend too much time at the computer, but who love war, they came up with mobile and browser projects. And one of these projects will be discussed further.

Game description

Generals: Art of War

Generals: Art of War is an online browser game from the developer Apex Point, which is more like a project for mobile devices. It is understandable – Apex Point lit up precisely as a developer of games for the Android OS. The graphics and general gameplay of the game are practically no different from, for example, Vikings: War of Clans or Clash of King, but this is not a minus, rather the opposite – the gameplay is pleasant and intuitive. The only difference is the setting of the game.

The player takes on the role of a military general in the modern world, whose main task is to build the most powerful base in the world, fight against opponents, replenish the army and, as a result, conquer the entire surrounding space. But you should not forget about diplomacy either, because the game is, after all, a social one, and if the base is still weak, then you definitely cannot do without good allies.

Since the game is browser-based, it does not require high requirements for hardware – just an open tab and the presence of the Internet. As mentioned above, the graphics resemble the projects named there, but the color scheme is more calm, militaristic, allowing you to dive deeper into the problems of military generals. Textures, characters, landscapes and the interior as a whole are drawn perfectly and without excessive fanaticism.

Generals: Art of War

Everything great starts small, so at the beginning of the game only a foundation and a small army are given, which is scary to leave on the territory, let alone outside it. Therefore, in the beginning, the main task is to improve the base as quickly as possible and build important military facilities, such as barracks and research centers. The higher the level of the main building, the faster the pumping of other objects and the faster the combat power builds up. For example, if at the first levels the general can afford only weak infantry, then with higher development, high-tech troops become available. The same applies to science, since it is it that makes it possible to have both a cool army and a technically savvy base. At the initial stages, adviser Jane helps in development, who will tell you how to build this building, and how to speed up its construction, and even where to put it. In general, it really plays the role of an adviser.

Since the game is multiplayer, then the PvP mode is always on here – as the player can attack others, so these others can attack the player. Therefore, do not forget about the troops, each of which plays a specific role in the combat confrontation: there are tanks, and units with the greatest damage, and rams. Also the quantity matters a lot. For the defense of the base, there are several traps that await the unlucky conquerors from the doorway. Barbed wire, mines, anti-aircraft guns, anti-tank hedgehogs and other defense systems that help to significantly reduce the number of enemy troops. Therefore, the more diverse the means of defense, the better.

Generals: Art of War

A key role in defense and defense is played by combat power, which helps in several key moments. Firstly, it allows you to fight off attacking opponents without great losses, which will become more and more during the accumulation of fat. Secondly, it allows you to carry out an attack on an enemy outpost without any special losses. Thirdly, it greatly affects the authority among, for example, guilds, which also have a place to be. Everything affects the growth of combat power – the newly built barracks, and the improvement of this very barracks, and the study of new scientific knowledge, and the newly received batch of recruits, and the number of opponents defeated during the attack.

But the construction of facilities and the maintenance of the army require resources that can be obtained on the world map – a mode that shows everything that is happening around. You just need to select the necessary resource and send a certain amount of the army there, which depends on the science of the same name. Resources can also be obtained by attacking other players’ bases and resource camps occupied by other players. Just before that, you need to make sure that the victim will not be able to respond in kind.

The free2play status allows the game to first show the newcomer all the benefits of a free premium account in order to entice them with more superiority for a guaranteed purchase of it. Otherwise, nothing new – and resources can be bought for real currency, and acceleration of construction, and the shield of the world from attacks, and so on and so forth.

Generals: Art of War Trailer

What is the result

Generals: Art of War is one of the many projects that offer the development of their castle / fortress / city (underline as necessary). However, if you are tired of medieval realities, then Generals: Art of War will become a breath of fresh air with its militaristic-futuristic setting, and the need to develop as actively as possible so as not to be eaten by competitors makes you sit in front of the screen in suspense, as if there is a real war going on . It’s a pity that this game is only for browsers – if it came out on mobile platforms, it would be more successful.


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