In this free-to-play MMO game, the characters are the rulers of their medieval Empire, responsible for continuing the path to expand their borders. Players will have to found their city, organize its defense, and then form an army to attack cities and settlements that are rivals. Game of Emperors offers a traditional empire-building strategy in which players must manage resources and compete against each other in PVP for ranks and prizes; You can play the game on the official website, no client download is required.

Game Features:

  • command within their lands and the possibility of expanding borders;
  • training of various military units;
  • researching new technologies and building dozens of buildings;
  • defending your own lands from other players and raiding the lands of rivals in search of resources;
  • PVP gameplay;
  • browser MMO;
  • 100% free to play.

Game of Emperors

Game description

The essence of the game is that players create and manage a powerful empire. The game has a time management mode. The player can complete tasks or act independently, building a certain strategy on the way to the end of the game session.

Game of Emperors- screenshot

Also in the game there is an opportunity to acquire, use and replenish various types of resources. As you progress through the strategy, players will face an increase in the duration of building objects, researching new technologies and maneuvering artillery around the world map. However, the upside is that all these tasks continue to work even when the player is offline. Therefore, while in the game, you can choose shorter sessions of construction or other actions, and leave the download of longer tasks offline.

The game can be played with premium “Diamond” currency, which can be bought with cash or earned a small portion through some gameplay elements; Diamonds allow players to complete various tasks, replenish missing resources and acquire a VIP status that allows them to receive various bonuses.

Game of Emperors- screenshot

City building

On the first launch, players will have a city with several buildings already built, which will allow them to start developing their Empire. You can build many objects that will benefit the player, for example:

Industrial buildings – Through stone quarries, iron mines and sawmills, players produce the basic resources needed for many elements of the game, from building and training military units to researching technology and more.

Farms and houses – the inhabitants of cities need food and shelter, with the help of houses, players can increase the population of their city, and food is created on farms to feed the population; as the population increases, players can set the levels of taxes that residents must pay in order to generate income in gold; this income is used similarly to production resources, but as an ongoing payment for the maintenance of buildings and soldiers.

Game of Emperors- screenshot

Universities – The base university allows players to research new technologies to develop the city and improve its efficiency, providing bonuses and new features as players level up. The military university focuses on improving units and defenses, learning new weapons, and upgrading the standing army.

barracks – there are different types of barracks that allow you to train different types of soldiers; Archers, infantry, cavalry, siege weapons and spies are all needed to defend the Empire and help expand it by raiding rivals.

Game of Emperors- screenshot


Combat is the core of the game. Once a player runs out of “rookie protection”, which ensures they cannot be attacked by other players, they become a potential target. Improving city fortifications and defensive military units is just the first step; sometimes aggression is the best defense, and players will have to strike first, as they have the opportunity to defeat the opponent before they become too strong. With a wide variety of warriors available, players must create a balanced army to cover any potential weak spots. Different military units are strong or vulnerable against each other. For example, cavalry can easily counter swordsmen but lose ground to spearmen, spearmen are bad at fighting swordsmen but easily overpower cavalry, while archers are strong at ranged combat but quickly die if the enemy army reaches melee range.

Game of Emperors- screenshot

To be sure of choosing the right army to attack and ensure victory, players can use spies to gather vital information about enemy forces and then strategize which units are best to send into battle. The battle itself is fully automated, and players will find out the results of the battle in the automatic battle report after each battle. The report shows the winner, spoils of war and the number of casualties in the battle.

System requirements: any internet browser


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