Love to fight evil in this world? Then, you won’t mind playing this game and get a chance to rule a big city with your own army, destroying every enemy on the go. Eternal Fury is a well-known game created by the Chinese company Game Hollywood. The beta version of the MMORPG game was made available on May 27, 2019. The final version was officially released on September 19, 2019. You can open it in a browser and register on the Eternal Fury website.

For many centuries, the world of the dead and the living were separated from each other and people could safely enjoy life without threats. However, one day the gates of Helheim suddenly opened, and the people had to face the dead, who intended to seize the kingdoms of people. Your hero has lost his memory and is in a strange place for him. On your way, you meet an unfortunate girl who is in trouble. She remembers and recognizes you as a hero, the leader of the army, and takes you to the city with her, where you will be the leader. The task is not easy, because the player will have to improve and develop the city, and on the other hand, fight evil.

There are three character choices:

  1. Knight/Warrior: is located with a sword that deals a mortal blow. It has unique steel and heavy armor. Useful in close combat.
  2. Archer: As the name suggests, archery players will have bows and sharp arrows that no intruder can escape. Archers have nimbleness, speed and agility. Good at long range attacks.
  3. Mage: partners need them more than ever, as they have a unique healing power. In addition, they can cast spells against enemies from a distance.

The appearance of the character cannot be selected and changed, but it is allowed to choose the gender.

Eternal Fury Reborn

Nobody canceled training and practice. Thanks to a few trial tasks, you will be able to get used to the colorful world and understand the essence of the game. Players will understand how to fight, upgrade and develop the world. There are numerous locations for research. They include cities, villages, forests, and the like. In these places, secrets lurk that require clues and monsters that will call you to battle.

The main essence of the game is the passage of quests for which you are rewarded with resources and useful things.

Quests, that is, tasks are divided into 4 types:

  1. Plot. According to the players, the plot in Eternal Fury is not quite rich, but this does not prevent them from getting carried away in the game and completing tasks. Story missions are based on stories. Several quests can be completed as a chain, telling secrets and mysteries.
  2. Daily. These quests are available once every 24 hours. Every day, tasks are updated, so if the hero did not go to complete the task today, then tomorrow there will be no opportunity. One day – many unique tasks.
  3. VIP missions. Only players who have purchased premium accounts have access to such tasks.
  4. For activity. For such tasks, you are awarded points that are collected for certain awards. They are very simple, but they give out a decent amount of points. For one quest, you will have 5 points in your pocket.

Eternal Fury Reborn

Defeating everyone alone and coping with all the difficulties while remaining strong will not work. To assemble a full-fledged squad, choose mercenaries on the way and invite them.

There are several types of special characters that have good and useful abilities:

  1. Blathnat: deals heavy blows to random enemies, especially those in the front row.
  2. Thor: can stun opponents and counterattack.
  3. Merlin: when the health of the allies is low, restores HP and protects them from the threat. He also defeats enemies himself.
  4. Koo Roy: a large amount of HP, so it can sacrifice itself, giving the rest of the allies the opportunity to recover and defend themselves. Can create a shield.
  5. Minos and Gylvveig. Heal and defeat enemies. Distract, thereby helping the team to survive.

Eternal Fury Reborn

Finding friends is another advantage of all online games. Eternal Fury is no exception. With team games you can find true friends and fighters.

By joining a guild or creating it yourself, you assemble a team for yourself. The clan will have chat and ratings. The team will have access to the warehouse, and you can complete tasks together.

The clan will have chat and ratings. You will have PVP battles with the clan. In addition to rewards and rare weapons, equipment and currencies, you can simply test each other in battle: how strong you or your comrades are.

The graphics are quite good and are accompanied by unique sound effects.

Eternal Fury Reborn

Minimum requirements on PC:

  • Processor 2 cores,
  • Video card 128 mb,
  • RAM 1 GB.

Donation is not necessarily needed for pumping, but some players, by purchasing it, speed up the game process. You can buy crystals – balena. It’s easier to advance this way and players with donations have a special power that leads to victories.

Eternal Fury Reborn

The game does not have a serious plot and is quite simple, but managed to attract a lot of attention and loyal fans. Eternal Fury has received positive reviews, as the gameplay is captivating and the interface is catchy.

Is Eternal Fury Worth Playing? Of course, it’s your choice. However, if you are attracted to guild fighting, the power of good against evil and power, then you should try it. Here you will feel like a real leader and will not only fight monsters, but also develop your thinking, making important decisions and thinking about how to complete the quest. Therefore, with such positive aspects of the game, you can give it attention and time.

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