Eternal Chaos has an unusual and interesting plot – here you can travel in time!

Browser games with an unusual plot are rare. Most often, we don’t even look at what the story is – after all, in nine cases out of ten, this is another fight between a beaver and a goat, that is, between Good and Evil. And it would be fine if it was something original – no, the next demons (evil gods, warlocks – underline as necessary) invaded another peaceful kingdom (continent, world), and they want to do bad things to everyone. In general, solid stamps and nothing outstanding.

In the game Eternal Chaos everything is much more interesting. No, there is a struggle between the forces of good and the forces of evil here – but the basis of everything that happens is time travel. And not for their own pleasure, the heroes here will have to correct the course of history so that eternal chaos does not reign in the universe.

And the movement between different eras is done very interesting here – the plot is intriguing, and it’s really nice to go through it.

But this project is not only good for history. There are also well-developed PvP and PvE battles, a lot of interesting goodies for active players and other delights. But let’s be consistent and talk about everything separately.

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Time travel for beginners

eternal chaos classes, magician in eternal chaosClassic classes and gameplay – choose who you will play as and run through quests, dungeons, exterminate monsters on your way

We start with the gameplay. And there is nothing unusual or unexpected here. We run around the map, complete quests, exterminate opponents. Fights are held in the style of classic IMO like Lineage and others – that is, we use skills and try to caulk this or that enemy. There are, of course, very interesting skills related to the ability to move in time, but they do not greatly affect the gameplay here, and differ only in animation.

There are three classes in the game, and these are, in fact, everyone’s favorite Warrior, Mage and Thief. More precisely Berserker, Mage and Assassin. The features of each of the characters can be recognized by the name alone.

  • the most tenacious of the entire company and is good at dealing damage in close combat.
  • has much more fragile health, but destroys opponents with intimidating efficiency, and his AoE skills work especially well against large groups.
  • Well, a melee, not able to withstand as much damage as a Berserker, but incredibly strong in terms of damage. In general, one tank and two damage dealers, almost a classic.

Pumping also proceeds according to the usual pattern. We gain experience (quests and beating monsters to help you), get a level, become stronger. And when we are more or less pumped, we go to have fun in PvP and PvE.

Classes for conquerors of eternity

eternal chaos questsThere will be something to do for both PvE and PvP fans.

As already mentioned, the game has a really good storyline. It all starts with the “hit” of the main character. That is, since our time, an ordinary person has been pulled into a time rift and thrown … it is not clear where. And it is not clear in “when” – because it moves it not only in space, but also in time. And then he gets involved in this … Although, it’s better to do without spoilers, you yourself will find out everything in due time. Let’s just say that you will have to visit a variety of places and eras.

But, when you get tired of dealing with the plot (it’s good, but you can’t do just one story in an MMO), it’s time for PvE and PvP modes. And here everything is very promising. Despite the fact that the game has only recently moved into the OBT stage, there is already where to have fun.

For fans of PvE, there will always be both solo challenges and dungeons that can only be completed in a group. And for the strongest there are fights with world bosses.

However, those who like PvP were not left without sweets either. Do you want duels? Please have fun in one-on-one fights. Love working in a small team? Two-on-two and three-on-three battles are at your service.

There are also inter-server battles, and they will also attract those who like to fight with computer opponents – after all, the winners here will have the opportunity to fill up the world boss.

In any case, it will not be boring here, you can be sure of that.

Video trailer of the game Eternal Chaos

In conclusion

eternal chaos graphicsExcellent voice acting, nice graphics, various mounts, events

The project came out great. Even though it’s still a bit raw in places, and the developers will obviously be adding new content, what’s already in the game is inspiring. In addition, it is very nice that when they made the game, they did not forget about the graphics with voice acting.

Everything looks very nice, and sometimes you even forget that it is browser. The voice acting is also not far behind, which, of course, pleases.

At the same time, the fact that all possible gameplay modes (we are talking about PvP and PvE) worked very well in the game is very pleasant.

And the creators of the game promise that this is only the beginning, and everything will be even more interesting.

The only thing that is somewhat upsetting is that not all bugs have been caught yet, but it’s only a matter of time. By the way, from what was not mentioned – the game has various very interesting pets, and all sorts of events with daily tasks that will surely interest active users.

So forward, to the defense of eternity!


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