In short, Cunt Empire is a business management sim where you manage resources to build a huge porn empire. The game was launched at the end of 2019 and is currently played by over 1000 players per day. Well, let’s see what they got themselves into.

CuntEmpire is an adult game, so I can’t post explicit screenshots from that game here. Hope for understanding.

Cunt Empire storyline

The protagonist, Lovelace, dreamed of his own porn business all his life, and as soon as he finally decided to get down to business, he fell into a time loop. Now, no matter how hard he tries to build his porn empire, every day he wakes up poor and rebuilds his business again. There is an opinion that in order to break the time loop, he needs “poop” all the easily accessible girls in the city, and since such girls themselves go to him on business, this loop may someday break.

Review of Cunt Empire

At the beginning of the game, it may seem to you that this is some kind of economic simulator. We have rooms for earning local currency, in each room there are girls with low social responsibility who have fun on camera or even do something worse. Each girl has her own level, and each room has its own toys to increase the efficiency of income.

The game itself is divided into episodes, in each of which you need to complete a certain number of tasks in order to move on to the next. Each episode marks a new cycle in which the main character, like in Groundhog Day, returns to the beginning of the previous day and starts again, leaving open girls, but losing the business itself. Of course, with each episode, new girls, new rooms for their entertainment, new videos and tasks become available to you.

Beginning of the game

The game starts quite cheerfully, so much so that from the first minutes they make it clear to us that the matter is serious – after all, the game even has videos with real actors, and we open them as the plot develops. Sooner or later (around day 5) you realize that Cunt Empire is a clicker. The further you go through this game, the more clicks on the heroines you will need to make. So you don’t break your mouse? I’ll say right away – the game is just stupidly sharpened for autoclick.

Do I need to pay money?

In fact, you don’t have to spend a single penny on the game, that’s a fact. However, if you want to speed up the process, you can spend hundreds of dollars on Bitch Coins if you like. The idea behind Cunt Empire is that your porn empire can grow forever. You can go from rich to millionaire to billionaire and so on. Technically, the game never ends. This is why Bitch Coins never go out of style.

The game is built so that you return to it again and again, while becoming much richer every day. Gradually, the girls will automatically start depositing the money they earn into your account, so you don’t have to click on them. Gradually, your empire will start to work on its own, and you only need to log in from time to time to make purchases and assign upgrades. Then you just wait while they make money for you in the background.

Tips for playing Cunt Empire

First advice

Don’t waste bitchcoins (haha, yes, there is such a currency)… digression. Don’t spend bitcoins at the end of an episode. The fact is that in each series there are requirements for the level of our whores. Entering a new episode with zero bechcoin, you may well find yourself in a situation where the right girl simply cannot be hired until she levels up.

Second tip

If you like the game, start from scratch. Sounds weird? Agree. This tip pays off if you haven’t completed Episode 11 yet or are on the way. When you launched the game, you probably saw an offer to make a small deposit in order to get + 50% profit forever. And… I’ll say that it’s worth it, because along with the profit update, you will immediately receive a legend for the “no longer children” business, as well as good buns to start.

The cookies will allow you to access an abandoned “test” account during the day. I started again and the next day I got to the 10th episode, just by paying some money at the entrance. In the future, I no longer met such offers in the game, and this is probably the most profitable offer in the game. Payment can be made via QIWI wallet.

Third Tip

At the start of the game, it is worth developing the girls from “Submissive bitches” and “Burlesque”, as well as “no longer children.” “Submissives” develop quite quickly and when using an autoclicker they bring much more profit even without automatic collection through a Russian emigrant. Just like in Burlesque, the lesbian you hired already in episode 11 will be ten times more profitable than the rest of the business (when using the autoclicker). Kids No More, in turn, benefit from average returns and the ability to quickly dissipate “passive” local currency inflows. Showgirls and Club 69 at the beginning of the game simply does not make sense to develop – until the 12th episode they will not be able to compete with the businesses described above.

From episodes 16 to 20, Burlesque will be the main source of income. The further you go, the more it makes sense to forget about the first ventures and constantly develop Burlesque by pouring all the bitchcoins into the girls and toys of this particular business.


Let me just say that this is one of those casual games (18+) that you can come back to, over and over again, for a very long time. You can use it for adult entertainment and move on, or you can come back to it night after night. In a word, if you like well-drawn boobs, you are here.


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