Blade of Kings is a browser game that won the hearts of many users with its fantastic storyline that captivates the player from the first minutes of the game. Excellent graphics and animation of battles will not leave any gamer indifferent. The game, built on pvp and pve mode, impresses everyone who played it with its quality.

An excellent game in which you can meet ordinary players. The game amazes with its bright traced locations, thematic fields and battles, which are designed for both mobile devices and PCs. Small glimpses of the plot are present, but most of the game is devoted to battles. Yes, the game does not shine with the plot, but this does not affect the quality of the game.

Game features

  • The game is completely free, requires payment only in case of purchases in the “shop” section.
  • Excellent detailed graphics, excellent animation, each character is unique in its own way, and there is also nice music in the background of the menu section and during the battle.
  • An interesting and simple gameplay that will appeal to absolutely everyone with its classic structure.
  • The structure of the game is almost completely automatic, all fights, quests do not make you stop at them.
  • Simple and user-friendly menu interface, where you can find huge perks opportunities
  • The presence of a small storyline that will tell gamers a fabulous adventure story.
  • Unusual battles in which the characters show different combinations of attacks, combo attacks and other skills, depending on the leveling of the character.
  • Joint battles with other players, which is unusual for a browser game, give the game some zest.
  • You can level up characters even when you are offline. When the player is out of the game, resources continue to be accumulated, which saves a lot of time.

Game creation

The game was announced in 2020 by the developer company ESPRIT GAMES on October 24th. Since 2014, this company has been pleasing players with its browser novelties. Under the leadership of this company, such games as Dragon Knight, Sophia Awakening and many other online games were created. Country of origin – Russia. The game is made in 2D style, which strongly resembles a cartoon about fairy tale characters. The game also mixes the genre of clicker, RPG and strategy.

A little about the concept of the game

To begin with, as in any game, you should register, come up with an interesting nickname, and confirm authorization. After it, before starting the battles, you should familiarize yourself with the local interface. Here it is very clear and simple. In the players section, you can choose whether to play as demons or humans.

Beginners are presented with the main fighters of two classes. All characters are detailed and have a rather attractive appearance. Next, the first training battle for beginners begins. At the very beginning, most of the possibilities and techniques are not available to beginners, but all of them will be opened gradually, with improvement.

At the first battle, they will talk about the control system, the battle mode, the importance of leveling characters, and much more. After that, missions with live players around your rank are available. To increase your rank, you must win a certain number of battles. Also at the introductory stages, you should start pumping characters and skills and abilities. This is helped by various rare components, diamonds and gold, which drops out of each battle.

Leveling characters in Blade of Kings plays a big role in battles, as already mentioned above. Damage, defense, abilities, skills and many other characteristics of the hero increase with each upgrade. But you will have to improve quite a lot of items, since each character has their own sets of items, these are armor, which includes all the equipment of a fighter, and all kinds of decorations that also improve characteristics, weapons, skills, and even artifacts that give characters additional bonus skills.

Since you need to improve not a small number of items, you need a huge number of components that drop out of battles or promotions. The desire to improve your fighters leads to an endless adventure of battle in Blade of Kings.

The main section contains simple and clear icons with other sections. And there are enough icons there, starting from the section for choosing fighters, the arena and the “dungeon”, ending with the section for daily promotions and purchases. Also, which is very surprising, there is a “friends” section where you can add friendly users. You can also get a cute pet for each fighter, which, unfortunately, does not affect the gameplay in any way. Just like in most games, there is a donation section. There you can buy missing items, gold, diamonds and much more. The game is also very generous with bonuses. Daily bonuses, promotions, discounts and coupons will pleasantly surprise every customer.

Is Blade of Kings worth playing?

The game will be very interesting for users who prefer a fairy tale plot and cartoonish drawing. It will also appeal to people who like to follow the battle of his heroes, since the battles in this game do not require special control and maneuverability, the one who is stronger wins.

If in games you prefer to develop your characters as much as possible by accumulating items for this, then the game will pleasantly surprise you, because an unusual technique for improving items draws you into this process for a long time. And if there is simply nothing to do, and time goes slowly, this game will save you from boredom and longing, as it fascinates the player so much that he is completely immersed in this magical world with his head. And, in general, the game is perfect for people who love fairy-tale adventures with unusual characters.


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