Star Conflict, even many years after its release, remains a fairly popular game, and in this review we will try to understand what exactly in the project makes gamers linger in it for many hours.

It’s worth saying right away that Star Conflict is very different from EVE Online, which is also about space, but about a completely different space. Here we focus on action and team session fights; you don’t have to look for any simulator elements here.

But, let’s talk about everything in order.


So, Star Conflict is an arcade game in which we will fight using spaceships with another team of players. Fights take place in outer space, full of asteroids, stations, destroyed structures and that’s all.

Players are offered several types of ships to choose from, each with its own characteristics and specifics. We have maneuverable ships with cardboard armor, and there are clumsy vessels that can demolish the enemy’s attic in one salvo. In between battles, you can go into the open world to bomb pirates and get resources for crafting.


Review of Star Conflict – is online intergalactic action back in fashion?

In Star Conflict we are greeted with training that is as standard as possible: we learn to fly, shoot, capture objects and destroy enemies. The game will tell us about special modules and alternative weapons, about shields and the hull of the ship. After completing the test mission, you will be given several starting ships of different classes, which you will then fly on.

In general, battles in Star Conflict are built on a fairly simple principle. You have a sight that you need to hit with the crosshairs aimed with the mouse. Just shoot ahead at the enemy, trying to predict where he will move in the next moment. You need to make sure that all the HP of the enemy ship is destroyed in a salvo of weapons, otherwise it may turn around and then it will be bad for you.

In the future, we will have to upgrade certain ships that we liked the most. The progression system is as similar as possible to World of Tanks: there are also many models of flying vehicles, and there is also a premium segment. Vessels differ in technical parameters and purpose itself, so you will have to spend some time to understand what this or that object is.

Of course, ships can be improved by replacing modules. There are a lot of different devices and devices to choose from, and we also have different guns. You can equip it with rockets or blasters, machine guns or rail guns – choose what you feel most comfortable playing with and go ahead.


Review of Star Conflict – is online intergalactic action back in fashion?

The game has many different modes, access to which opens as you level up your account. Initially, the player can play in Quick Battles, where they will be given a team of bots. A sort of second training session, during which you can practice simulating a combat situation. The AI ​​is, of course, rather dull, but it will do just fine as dummies for the first couple of missions.

The developers of Star Conflict have provided activities for both PvP and PvE fans. The second one is offered special operations and standard missions, where you need to complete some task and at the same time fight off enemies controlled by artificial intelligence. As in all other games, these activities are designed to grind experience, currency and resources, with which you can not only pump up your account, but also improve your ship.

In the future, if you decide to stay in the game longer, you will have access to a global map and the opportunity to fight for control of territories. Everything there is already serious and professional, you will have to properly prepare for the battles and treat the flight not as a fun event, but as a way to really demonstrate your combat experience and receive valuable rewards for it.


Review of Star Conflict – is online intergalactic action back in fashion?

As mentioned above, in Star Conflict, following the example of World of Tanks, there are regular and premium vehicles. The latter allows you to purchase ships for real money, which will receive more experience and money for battles. This way you can level up much faster, but this is far from the only way to spend your hard-earned money.

Following modern trends, the creators of the game took care of adding a battle pass to the game, which contains dozens of rewards. To get them, you just need to play and complete certain tasks. As you gain experience, you gradually move up the pass and unlock more and more valuable bonuses. In short, activity is the key to consistently getting good things. The battle pass can be free or paid – in the second case there will be twice as many goodies, and they will be cooler.

And, of course, don’t forget about the standard premium account, without which there’s absolutely no way to do this. No, you can play without it, but with the premium experience and money will drip much more actively, but if you are not in a hurry, you can get by.

Conclusions on the game

Review of Star Conflict – is online intergalactic action back in fashion?

So, what can we say about Star Conflict as a whole, based on the points considered.

Firstly, it’s a standard session free-to-play shooter, but this time in space. It is characterized by all the usual jokes such as branches with equipment, gradual pumping and network fights with bots or real players.

Secondly, you can play Star Conflict for free, but it will be uncomfortable and you will need to at least buy a premium status. Does this make the project bad? Not at all, but once again they are telling us that we won’t have to pay for comfortable gameplay.

Thirdly, how can the game hold or surprise? Yes, actually, nothing – the project does not bring anything new to the genre, besides, it was released a very long time ago. Although the game’s graphics, it must be admitted, are not eye-popping, some of the space landscapes are truly breathtaking.

Is Star Conflict worth playing in 2023? This is very much an acquired taste. If you really have nothing to occupy your time, and you’re already pretty tired of World of Tanks or Tundra, you can try it. But, again, if you are not against space and all these annoying free-to-play little things.

Well, then, you have to try.


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