In already quite distant 2010, the first part of Red Dead Redemption was released on consoles, which still has not reached personal computers, but a few days ago it was released on Nintendo Switch. Still, the huge console audience haunts game studios; there is no point in arguing with this. Many thanks to the Achivka company for providing Red Dead Redemption for review, and we begin.

This game, as you may know, has collected a huge number of awards and is recognized by the gaming community as one of those projects that should be completed by everyone. Actually, the developers have changed literally nothing in the Switch port, and therefore this is the same game that can be found on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. By the way, this is also a big plus for PC gamers, Switch is much easier to emulate than those mentioned earlier Sony and Microsoft consoles.

Actually, since there are no changes in the gameplay or plot for the Switch version of the game, the only important point for discussion is the issue of the image and optimization of Red Dead Redemption. I played on Nintendo Switch Lite, and therefore we will talk exclusively about the portable mode of the game.

The game was ported by Double Eleven studio. In my game mode, thanks to the efforts of these developers, the project ran at a native resolution of 1280×720 at a stable 30 frames per second. When docked, the regular Switch is said to be capable of running at 1080p at the same 30fps.

Review of Red Dead Redemption on Switch

The end result is that the game runs really well on Switch. As good as it gets at just 30 frames per second. Otherwise, I personally have no complaints about this issue; playing is quite comfortable, as for playing on a portable console with very limited performance. On the Internet you can find a large number of comparisons of the Switch version of the project with the versions of the game for PS3 and X360, as well as with the version for PS4. From them we find out that on the Switch the game received a picture virtually identical to the Xbox 360, except for the fact that the anti-aliasing on the Switch is much better, and the target 30 FPS is kept much more stable on the portable console even in the most difficult scenes.

Review of Red Dead Redemption on Switch

On PS4, the game has an anti-aliasing mode with AMD FSR 2, which gives the game a significant improvement in the image, but even there the project is limited to 30 frames per second. But this version can also be launched on PlayStation 5.

As for my impressions, as a player who played Red Dead Redemption for the first time, I am pleased with the game. You can really easily hang out in it for a long period of time, but in my case I was constantly pulled out of gaming sessions by the console itself, which simply does not have enough battery for more than two hours of play. I never want to sit at a power outlet, and therefore the passage of the game was greatly extended. However, this was even better; there was still time to go outside without having to touch the grass. The portability of the console, by the way, allows you to play and touch the grass at the same time, which is a plus.

Review of Red Dead Redemption on Switch

If you are not familiar with the game and are just getting ready to dive into the world of the project, then perhaps you should turn your attention to the second part, but if you are limited to the Switch or want to plunge into the first part, then a large number of classic games will be waiting for you inside Rockstar quests within the main plot and more, and a bunch of interesting stories (including the main plot itself).

The most direct port of the game, by the way, also means that players will have to deal with controls and animations from 13 years ago. Don’t think, they are not really bad or cause pain in the lower back, but it’s just worth considering this point. The player is not looking at a next-gen project, but the Switch is also not a particularly suitable device for the next-gen. Perhaps Switch 2 will allow something more, but it’s too early to talk about it.

Review of Red Dead Redemption on Switch

The gameplay itself, by the way, is a completely standard third-person action game. On a console at 30 FPS, such projects can be played comfortably, and thanks to the stability of the framerate, the project is also quite responsive to control.

Let’s summarize

Red Dead Redemption on Switch is a great option for exploring the world of Red Dead Redemption. The game runs well on a low-power handheld console, and the overall quality of the port is unquestionable. As for the game itself, from the point of view of someone who touched it for the first time, it plays quite comfortably, and interesting stories in the main and additional quests allow you to immerse yourself in the game until the console asks to be charged again. In general, I highly approve and definitely recommend this project for review. Of course, you choose the platform for this action yourself, and I definitely don’t insist on Switch for these purposes.


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