Cool games for our smartphones and tablets have been successfully competing with games on computers and even consoles for a long time.

The last such hit was Genshin Impact, which made us look at mobile games not just with interest, but with respect!

But, the era and the hype around Genshin are long gone, and it has been replaced by a game that, no less than others, makes you get high from the mobile gameplay.

Namely … released just yesterday Punishing: Gray Raven.

According to the plot of the game in the very distant future, a new type of virus known as Punishing has appeared in the vacuum chamber of the first zero-energy nuclear reactor. The virus, capable of moving through the air, quickly spread through the atmosphere, infecting people and their creations – various machines and assistant robots. Infecting humans resulted in death, while infecting robots resulted in their being turned into maddened murder weapons, displaying an extremely strong desire to attack any individuals with conscious human behavior. Mankind was practically wiped off the face of the Earth. The remnants of the forces of people fled into space, to the space colony Eden (Eden, Heavenly Garden). But they did not abandon the thought of their home planet and created the last hope of mankind – cybernated soldiers, immune to infection – Structured (Structures). You, as the captain of a detachment of structures Gray Raven (Grey Raven), will go to the front lines of the war with the infected, as well as other opposing forces, in the hope of reclaiming the Earth back.

Well, since this is a mobile game, the destruction of crowds of monsters takes place here for beautiful anime-style girls (although not only girls), with gacha mechanics and an excellent slasher component.

The entire gameplay in Punishing: Gray Raven consists of three very important elements:

  1. Hurricane in its beauty slash with a minimum number of buttons and at the same time the maximum number of combos that can be done here by pressing one button at the right time
  2. Lots of English text in story missions.
  3. Well, of course, pumping your character with dressing up and other gacha mechanics.

And if with pumping everything is very standard here: I got experience, I pumped the level, I sharpened a cannon from old cannons. You can also insert small cards into the character, which are called Memories and can slightly increase the stats of our player, and we have already seen all this somewhere. That gacha here opens far from immediately.

After passing the first chapter of the story, we will finally be able to knock out characters. (R&D – Research tab in the main menu).

Review of Punishing: Gray Raven - the best mobile RPG slasher?!

Each gacha banner requires its own currency, relatively speaking “red cards”, “blue cards”, etc.

Black Cards, BC, BK is a universal currency that looks like black and gold cards. Can be used for, directly, gacha, or to buy stamina. (It is still possible to buy local coins – “nuts”, but I strongly recommend that you do not do this)

There are also Rainbow Cards – a currency that can only be obtained for donations. You can use them to buy various skins for characters, sets, etc.

RC can be converted to BC in the ratio: 1 RC = 10 BC

For the passage of the first story chapter and training missions, the currency for the gacha is poured enough. And as soon as you run out of it, you can go through the mission again, or the dungeon, which will also open over time and collect currencies and other resources.

Perhaps this is all the most important thing you need to know about the game before you start playing it, but in the meantime, you can watch the trailer for the game.


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