Lost Ark became a real discovery for many fans of the MMORPG genre, who thought that nothing new would come out in this direction. In this review we will discuss how the project stands out among its competitors.

Lost Ark Review in 2023

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So, Lost Ark, like many other MMORPGs, came to us from the Korean market. The local version, according to tradition, receives fresh content before the global one, but the lag behind the ru version is not too big. In addition, thanks to the Koreans for the beta tests, as they say – updates reach us in a more complete state.

But, let’s take it in order.


The immersion in Lost Ark begins with, oddly enough, character creation. The editor in the game is not very progressive and diverse, but you can create your own Wi-Fi. However, it is worth considering that the game has an isometric camera, so even if you see your charm up close, it won’t be very often.

In the original version of the game, hero classes were gender-specific, which is a disgrace in 2023, but the developers are still trying to resolve this issue by adding versions of fighters of both genders to the project.

After character creation, we are greeted by a prologue in which the project introduces us to the local lore. What’s noteworthy is that each class has its own prologue, for which respect to the Smilegate studio.


Review of Lost Ark – one of the benchmark and unusual MMORPGs

Following further, we move on to the plot. We are already accustomed to the fact that, as a rule, MMORPG developers add a story to their game purely for show, but Lost Ark is an exception in this regard. The studio team devoted a lot of time and resources to developing the plot, diluted it with cinematic inserts, and even went to the trouble of coming up with intrigue.

The main message of the plot is that the fantasy world of Akrassi, where the main events take place, is under threat of destruction. Only a certain mythical ancient ark can save him, which we need to find. The quests, although primitive for the most part, sometimes throw in quite unique and unusual tasks such as finishing a poem or pretending to be a box and sneaking into somewhere.

In the process of completing quests from the mainstory, we are gradually introduced to local mechanics. We explore the world a little, we fight our enemies a little, and we feel a little chosen. In general, everything is according to the standard, but with depth and zest.

Peace and activities

Review of Lost Ark – one of the benchmark and unusual MMORPGs

The world in Lost Ark is closed, but large. The locations are divided into separate zones that can be explored freely (as far as possible). In the process, you can discover some secrets and hiding places, collect collectibles, or activate a random event trigger.

The project is full of not only quests, but also side activities. We have professions that can be upgraded, a lot of resources for collecting and further crafting, and at the same time, you can farm materials not only solo, but also together. And it’s not even possible, but necessary – in the case of joint grinding, all participants will receive resources, and there will be more of them than if you collected them solo.

Combat system

Review of Lost Ark – one of the benchmark and unusual MMORPGs

The combat in Lost Ark is atypical. Visually, battles with monsters are similar to what we see in Diablo or Path of Exile, but there are also differences. In this MMORPG, the combat system is not very active, but rather even slow. The focus is on the most effective destruction of groups of monsters, during which your character will be chained to one point. The control panel displays a bunch of skills that need to be combined, and there are a lot of combination options, since skills have so-called “thoughts”, and they can also be combined.

Each class essentially has its own fighting style. What is important is that when playing for any of them, you will be able to bend anyone equally if your skill is higher and more professional. This is especially felt in the arenas, which are discussed below.


Review of Lost Ark – one of the benchmark and unusual MMORPGs

There is simply a lot of content in Lost Ark. And this is not to talk about the sea, forgive the pun. Yes, this game has entertainment both on land and on water, and in the second case, there is even a lot of it.

As you level up to level 40, you will mainly complete quests, explore starting locations, and meet NPCs. You can improve your reputation with non-player characters or engage in fishing, crafting or other peaceful professions.

At sea, having received the first ship at your disposal, you will be able to sail between the islands, look for treasures, fight monsters and fight the elements. The ship can be improved, hired a crew and fished at certain points. You can go diving and dive for treasures underwater, or you can shoot mobs with harpoons.

Well, of course, the boat can be customized in different ways, various gadgets can be attached to it and, in general, made very beautiful and unique in everything.


Review of Lost Ark – one of the benchmark and unusual MMORPGs

As stated above, Lost Ark also features arenas with multiple modes in which you can battle other players. We also have 1 on 1 duels, there are also team fights, in which the collective work of your squad decides.

Rewards are awarded for success in the arenas. Not gimmicky, no, but pleasant. Free PvP is not provided for in the project, so let’s enjoy what we have.


Review of Lost Ark – one of the benchmark and unusual MMORPGs

Coming to the conclusion of our review, it is worth saying that Lost Ark is quite deservedly considered one of the most visually pleasing MMORPGs, as well as a game that offers the maximum possible amount of content. The project not only has an interesting plot, but also a huge number of mini-games and small mechanics that keep you from getting bored in between grinds. The tasks, again, are interesting.

Of course, the game has a micropayment system that allows you to go through the leveling stage as quickly as possible. But the donation here is not fatal and is mainly intended for those who want to save their time or, for example, buy another stupid skin for their character.

Since Lost Ark is completely free, and even officially Russified, I personally see no reason not to play it. In any case, you can leave her at any time without any special regrets, but I get the impression that you will not do this right away.


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