Legacy of Destiny is a mobile 3D MMORPG for Android and iOS. It contains everyday, automated game events and a variety of quests. Choose from three classes to complete story missions, world-class bosses, daily content, PvP, dungeons and more.

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Legacy of Destiny offers a wide variety of daily content for players looking to level up quickly and effortlessly. You can choose one of three classes to complete the story quest: Spellsword, Hunter or Enchanter. The gameplay is as automated as possible, this makes it possible to go through dungeons, quests and much more, even if you exit the game. The game has an Arena mode with automatic combat. Higher level zones have a “kill players” mode where players can lose all of their equipment, which gives an advantage to premium players. Other features of this game are marriage system, variety of dungeons, world bosses, ability to upgrade equipment, etc.

Legacy of Destiny- screenshot

Key Features of Legacy of Destiny

  • Everyday gameplay – leave the game running and let it take control of the process while you’re at work, school or doing your own thing.
  • three classes – Hunter, Enchanter, Spellsword. Each level has different roles in the game and features.
  • Open PvP and Arena – teleport to the PC map or queue up in the ranked arena to fight other heroes for the first place.
  • Bosses of the world – fight different bosses of the world and other participants. The player who delivered the final blow wins.
  • Various dungeons– visit many different dungeons. In them you can get interesting items that will give you the opportunity to increase your combat level.

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Why choose Legacy of Destiny

1. The level in the game is rapidly increasing

With this game, you will have the opportunity to earn points for the rating daily. You can earn them while fighting monsters, killing high-level bosses, as well as when completing daily tasks.

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2. Legacy of Destiny allows you to build love relationships in the game

This game differs from other games that allow you to romance other characters in that Legacy of Destiny allows you to romance or marry a character created by another real-life player.

Once you have married a character from the game, you can work together to complete various tasks and level up. Moreover, the game has dungeons with incredible prizes, available only for pair exploration.

Legacy of Destiny

3. Ability to share items with guild mates

When you join a guild, you are given the opportunity to borrow items from other players in your guild.

If you do not have any item to complete the level, you can borrow what you need from a player on your team.

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4. You can earn extra coins by selling items you don’t need

In the PC version of Legacy of Destiny, you can sell what you purchased with coins, but you no longer need it. By means of such a sale, you will be able to buy what is necessary for you at this level. For example, doubled items on boss kills can be quickly and easily sold on the Legacy of Destiny PC market.

Legacy of Destiny

5. Can fly from one place to another

There are two possibilities for flying from one place to another: the first is by equipping your hero with wings, such as angel wings; the second is to use a phoenix or a flying rocket.

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6. Dress up your character the way you want

Being able to dress up your character in fun costumes is another fun part of Legacy of Destiny. You can dress up your character in the costume of a sorceress, sorcerer or dark angel.

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7. Auto start function

Legacy of Destiny has an autoplay feature that allows you to earn points and resources while you watch TV. This feature is perfect for leveling up.

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8. Application of auto games in battles

Using the auto game during the battle period, you can go through many battles in one day. Autoplay will simulate the result based on the statistics of your opponent’s hero and your hero.

Legacy of Destiny is worth downloading if you like the fact that you can quickly level up and marry another MMO hero within a day.

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