Black Desert Online is a legendary game, especially popular in the RU segment of the Internet. In this review we will talk about its features and relevance in 2023.

Initially, BDO attracted its first fans with a great picture. At the time of the game’s release in 2019, the graphics were simply amazing. Of course, not everyone liked the abundance of effects on the battlefield, and the PC needed to be more or less productive so as not to experience lags and FPS drops, especially in mass battles. But General Grafounius was far from the only plus for which this entertainment became so popular.


The events of Black Desert Online take place in a fictional fantasy world, divided into several climatic zones. You can navigate through them without reloading; the developers were able to implement completely seamless locations without loading screens. That is, you can go to that mountain, and along the way you will not encounter a single black screen or screensaver.

Along the way from point to point, from one city to another, you will meet different NPCs and different landscapes. The locations are beautifully detailed, the lighting is also fine, and the animations of the characters’ movements are admirable.

As with all other MMORPGs, BDO is ready to give you a lot of positive emotions from a whole bunch of activities. There are familiar PvE activities such as grinding monsters (the main pastime of the local inhabitants) and exciting PvP battles. We have peaceful professions, sea travel, and many other interesting things.


Review of Black Desert Online in 2023 – the most beautiful MMORPG is the most alive

Initially, the game was developed specifically as hardcore PvP entertainment, but over the years of development it acquired significant differences from the original idea. You can still go outside the city, activate the free battle mode and test your strength with the nearest warrior. But there is a nuance.

Your victim will not receive any punishment for being killed. The character’s experience bar will not drop, any item will not drop from him, and there are plenty of teleports on the maps, so even if he is slammed next to the spot, running to the original point will not be so far.

As for the instigator himself, he will certainly suffer greatly for offending someone for no reason. The game will lower his karma, which will lead to the fact that the bonuses from the gear worn by the character will also be lowered. That is, you will reduce your combat potential with your own hands if you decide to attack another character in the open world. In addition, your victim can easily switch to another server mirror, which will allow him and you to never meet again in this life.

There are also clan wars in Black Desert Online, which are the same open pvp, but without karma penalties. It’s just that, in this case, the players have practically no motivation for battles, except to slightly spoil the nerves of their opponents. The only place where PvP still makes sense are sieges, where entire communities go for the specific purpose of capturing a particular area.

Leveling up

Review of Black Desert Online in 2023 – the most beautiful MMORPG is the most alive

Character development in BDO is extremely multifaceted. Since the project is a purely Korean grind, players are offered a standard progression system with a level and gradual pumping up of experience gained from the monsters inhabiting the world. Up to about level 60+, experience accumulates quite rapidly, but then the grinding speed drops significantly.

The situation is approximately the same with sharpening. Yes, in Black Desert Online you can sharpen gear, and this will take almost all your energy if you reach high level. To join a normal clan, you will be required to have a specific grade of uniform, and getting it can be extremely problematic.

In general, if you decide to break into this game, be prepared for the fact that in the first stages it will be very easy, and then there will be a sharp rollback and you will have to farm a level or two for… a year.


Review of Black Desert Online in 2023 – the most beautiful MMORPG is the most alive

PvE, as you already understood, is the main activity for most players. You grind and grind tens, hundreds and thousands of mobs, get loot from them and try to knock out artifacts, so that you can then kill other mobs. And so round and round. That is, the main layer of Black Desert Online content is farming for the sake of farming, which is not suitable for every player.

But, let us note, it is very pleasant to do this. Firstly, because of the nice graphics and bright special effects. Secondly, because of the variety of classes and their skills. True, if you fight with a dozen or two more people on the screen, what is happening easily turns into a kind of visual cacophony consisting of fireworks throughout the entire location. RIP to your PC.


Review of Black Desert Online in 2023 – the most beautiful MMORPG is the most alive

In Black Desert Online, you will have virtually no contact with other players, only superficially. Yes, there are clans here, but even within such mini-communities there is no special interaction between participants. Rare encounters for sieges don’t count, most of the time you’ll be grinding alone, so having a nickname with a badge is more of a given than a social aspect.

The economy in the game is also broken. There is no function for exchanging items between users; most of the items on your character are tied to you, and others can only be sold or bought through an auction. True, the price tags here are very often feverish, as yet another craftsman discovers a new exploit that allows him to quickly make money for himself and bring another bit of chaos to the local market.


What conclusions can be drawn from everything described? Is Black Desert Online a good game? Yes, good. Is it worth playing in 2023? Why not. Firstly, it is completely free. Secondly, she is beautiful. Sometimes even very much, if it is important. Otherwise, the project is not without nuances, but now name an ideal MMORPG that is doing well?

In a word, you need to draw conclusions based on your own impressions. Some people will like the project, but others will spit on it after the first minutes of gameplay.

So it goes.


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