If you are thinking about playing Perfect World in 2023, we recommend that you read our review and draw your final conclusions based on it.

It’s worth starting with the fact that Perfect World was a fairly popular representative of the genre among the Russian-speaking community. And even now, many years later, the game has a loyal fan base that does not let the servers get bored. Of course, it’s no longer worth thinking about its former popularity, but the project still receives stable updates, which means that developers and localizers see activity and understand that someone needs their work.

But let’s move on to the main features of the project and figure out whether Perfect World is worth playing in 2023.


Where does your journey to Perfect World begin? Of course, from character creation. First you need to select a server, then the gender and appearance of the hero, class and other features. Well, then you are sent into the world itself, where gradually, step by step, newcomers are introduced to the main gameplay aspects and capabilities.

The gameplay is built on the postulates familiar to everyone: kill monsters, complete tasks, level up. Over time, you will obtain more and more valuable artifacts that will make your avatar more powerful. You will gain access to skills and learn to apply them in different situations. That’s all science is.

There is a lot of variety in the game in terms of character customization. Firstly, in the editor itself you can create both a charming beauty and some kind of freak with a huge head and a thin body. In the future, you can equip the hero with a variety of unique armor, which can also be visually changed.

Things to do

There are a lot of things to do in Perfect World. The same pumping and farming of experience and gold from monsters is constantly interspersed with trips to dungeons (usually in groups), various peaceful professions and, of course, massive battles between clans. Clans here, in general, occupy a special position – every self-respecting player should be a member of some kind of community.

What’s noteworthy is that one of the features of the game is the combat system, which allows you to fight not only on the ground, but also in the sky. To do this, your character will grow wings (there are a lot of skins for them, like everything else) and you will be able to soar into the skies and annoy flying monsters or other players. True, you can’t fly everywhere, but you will be given the opportunity to accelerate in the clouds and enjoy extreme sports in the air currents to your heart’s content.

The developers of Perfect World pay even more attention to ensuring that the characters actively interact with each other. Having met some cute little girl, you can pick her up and drag her into your secret lair, and then have a wedding and start a family.

House building is also present in the game with great freedom in terms of their arrangement.

Review in Perfect World in 2023 – is the legendary MMORPG still legendary?

The main interest of players in Perfect World is clan wars. At a certain time, the opportunity to enter into battle for a certain territory is activated. The clan that captures the area will receive a lot of goodies, and the battles themselves are so large-scale and dynamic that even those players who have already pumped out their characters for a long time and practically do not appear in the game at other times come to them.

Technical part

And this moment has always been the most problematic for the game. For some unknown reason, the developers have not been able to polish their game over so many years and rid players of numerous lags. They are especially annoying in large-scale battles and when visiting densely populated cities. Even if you have an RTX 4090 video card and the latest generation processor, on which all modern games run at 4K and 60 FPS, Perfect World will still lag and freeze. Not fatal, but very annoying.


Review in Perfect World in 2023 – is the legendary MMORPG still legendary?

What is the reason for the fact that players still play such already fairly outdated MMORPGs as World of Warcraft, Lineage 2 and the same Perfect World? Yes, it’s simple – these games have everything that makes the genre attract attention. This:

  • Long-term pumping and development of certain aspects of the character (yes, these “time suckers” will drag you on for a long time, but that’s not a bad thing);
  • Great emphasis on the social aspect (that’s why these games are online; interaction with other players is the basis of the gameplay);
  • Colorful worlds that develop independently (and sometimes even depending) on ​​our actions.

It is here, in casual MMO worlds, that secrets, intrigues and investigations take place, alliances are created and destroyed, friendships are forged and destroyed due to betrayal. The routine and dullness of our everyday life simply must be diluted with stories about fictional characters, who very often become a reflection of ourselves and who we would like to become if we had the opportunity for a second chance.

Therefore, if you decide to play Perfect World in 2023, our advice to you is to go for it.


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