Reverse: 1999 is about to be released in China. According to the developers through their social networks, the mobile game will be launched on iOS and Android on May 31. While this is not a global release, but Chinese, but Reverse: 1999 is fully translated into English, at least the voice acting is top.

In order not to load the servers during the opening of the servers, the creators of Reverse: 1999 will give the opportunity to pre-download the game client on May 30th. This mobile game will offer the best animations and 2D anime graphics of any game.

Reverse: 1999 offers turn-based battles with beautiful animations while using active skills and ultimates. Players will travel through time, knock out new heroes through the gacha system and admire the voice acting with the visual part.

Well, it’s good that the creators of Reverse: 1999 are not trying to go on the theme of “beautiful waifu”, as it happens in Goddess of Victory: NIKKE. The characters in the upcoming RPG are adored not because of their shapes, but because of their charisma.


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