Reverse 1999 is a mobile game in the anime RPG genre. The project’s servers were launched on October 26, so gamers from all over the world rushed to go through the story and knock out interesting characters through the gacha system. One thing is upsetting: there is no Russian language.

Despite minor bugs and the lack of Russian localization, players give it high ratings – 4.3 stars out of 5 on Google Play and top 11 among RPGs in the App Store.

In the US, Reverse 1999 reached the top 1 spot in the App Store, ahead of the following games:

Reverse 1999 can be praised for its quality music, so the developers from Bluepoch recommend playing with headphones. As for the gameplay and plot, although it is interesting, there are not enough stars in the sky. Hands-on training and explanation of many battle elements through small text windows also don’t help.

Something interesting is that in one mission we fight against one of the protagonists.

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