The beautiful mobile game Reverse 1999 has entered beta testing in China. In the last news, we talked about the conditions for participation in the PTA, as well as on which platforms it will take place.

Despite the beta test of the mobile game Reverse 1999 in China and Chinese subtitles, the developers added full English voice acting. The plot is presented in the course of text dialogues with animated 2D character models and a “live background”.

Reverse 1999 features turn-based battles with well-animated abilities and ultimates, but what strikes players the most is the level of art and cinematic cutscenes. Often, gamers sit and enjoy video inserts, which gives the impression that you are watching a newfangled anime with game elements.

And for those who became a member of the Reverse 1999 beta test, there is a promotion on the official website, for participation in which you can get:


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