Will be released into early access in May 2024 Selaco is a long-term retro shooter from Altered Orbit Studios. The project has been in development since 2016, and at the moment it is literally the only game that successfully runs on the GZDoom engine, a modified version of the DOOM Engine. Moreover, you can’t tell from it – there are too many different effects for such an outdated technology.

The game’s plot follows the adventures of Captain Dawn, the chief security officer at the strange Selako facility. She will not only have to learn more about the secrets of this futuristic center, but also repel the attack of the invaders. In short, a sea of ​​hair-raising action accompanied by a soundtrack played on a synthesizer.

Compared to the demo version, an almost full-fledged game will be released into early access. When you first start, according to the developers, you should expect:

  • 25 fully completed levels (there were only 3 in the demo);
  • 10 types of weapons that can be upgraded with new characteristics and abilities;
  • Emphasis on world exploration;
  • New secrets and unlockable locations;
  • Diverse environments without “two identical corners”;
  • Modding support;
  • Ability to play with a gamepad or via Steam Deck;
  • And also hard-working robots who will clean up all the destruction after you.



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