Voidpoint announced Ion Fury: Aftershock several years ago, as part of Realms Deep 2020, but development of the expansion was greatly delayed.

On October 2, 2023, the long-awaited DLC was finally released in Steam with a 10% discount for the first time (until October 9).

Ion Fury: Aftershock continues the story of Shelley Harrison from the first part of the game. After defeating the previous “Glavgad”, our heroine finds herself drawn into a new adventure. The villain Hexel has returned with another insidious plan, but we have to stop him.

Among the features: the DLC has a new game mode – Arrange, which allows you to replay the plot of the first part of Ion Fury in order to experience the whole story. The company has changed some details, such as mirrored levels and other monster spawn points. In addition, the developers did not forget about new bosses and an expanded arsenal.

There is no release date for PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch yet, but Voidpoint promises to announce it soon.


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