Capcom and Apple assured that Resident Evil Village can only be played on iPhones with the A17 Pro chipset and iPads with M1 and M2 chips. Officially this is true, but using a MacBook you can install RE8 even on an iPhone 13 Pro Max with an A15 Bionic. And FPS remains at a normal level, about 30 frames.

The disadvantage of this approach is that after 15 minutes of play, charging decreases by 7%, and the temperature of the smartphone rises to the level of a room battery. This hints at the reason why Apple does not allow RE8 to be purchased and played on smartphones below the Apple iPhone 15 Pro – new batches will not sell themselves.

I also explained why Apple is not going to make the Apple Watch compatible with Android.

Now let’s look aside Android — YouTuber Mark Korolev launched Resident Evil 8 through Termux-Box on the top Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset. Yes, there are no graphic or audio artifacts, but FPS at 10-12 frames makes RE8 unplayable.

Also, the problem with Termux-Box is the huge number of buttons on the touch screen – even Call of Duty Mobile and PUBG Mobile esports players will envy this.

“Comparison of touch controls in RE8 on iOS and Android. By the way, because of this interface, Western publications consider the mobile port of RE8 “lazy”, since the game was not properly optimized for touch screens.”


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