Hiroyuki Kobayashi (Hiroyuki Kobayashi) – Former Producer capcom, who worked there for 27 years. As it turned outHe left the company in March.

The new place of work of the developer was the Chinese NetEase Games:

Today, August 12, I turn 50 years old. Therefore, I would like to share something special with everyone: after having worked with gratitude for 27 years, I left capcom March 31, 2022 and officially join NetEase Games as a producer. Details will come later, so stay tuned. In this new era, I will constantly strive to create more interesting entertainment. Thank you for your continued support.

Among other things Kobayashi produced Dino Crisis 2 and 3, Devil May Cry 1 and four, resident evil four and Dragon’s Dogma. He was also the producer of the animated series Dragon’s Dogma and animated films resident evil.

NetEase has been actively expanding recently. She recently founded a studio Jar of Sparksled by a veteran Xbox Jerry Hook (Jerry Hook). Prior to this, the Chinese invested in a VR company Something Randomopened a new studio of the creator Yakuza and bought authors No More Heroes.


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