Not all players liked the fact that the original Resident Evil 8: Village for iOS costs $39.99. And that’s not counting the add-ons.

Capcom probably heard the players’ pleas, which is why they are offering a 60% discount until November 20th. As a result, the cost of the base edition is $15.99, and the Winters’ Expansion is $9.99. This is what the publication reports TouchArcade. So the discount price of the game about 1,500 rubles.

Let me remind you that Resident Evil 8: Village will be released on iPhone and iPad on October 30th. This will be a real experiment and test the strength of the iPhone 15 Pro with the iPad M1/M2. If everything goes well, then we can expect a wave of simultaneous releases on PCs, consoles and the Apple ecosystem.

The most striking signs in porting the game to iOS will be:

  • Publisher’s commitment to cross-platform;
  • Porting or releasing a game on Mac, since the architecture is often similar.

I’m glad that Resident Evil 8: Village will support wireless controllers, especially from PlayStation and Xbox.


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