The second quarter of 2022 was for Remedy
unprofitable. With total revenue for April-June of €9.4 million, the studio went negative by €2.4 million. One of the reasons was that Alan Wake Remastered
and CrossfireX
have not yet brought royalties, but
control they declined, according to the studio’s financial report.

There was also no profit due to the fact that the costs of external development and hiring freelancers increased significantly. It is noteworthy that the largest part of the revenue to the Finns was brought by royalties from publishers for the development Alan Wake II
and remakes of the first two Max Payne.

The development of the sequel to the adventures of Alan Wake is in full swing, and the team has reached its peak in terms of the number of participants. Spin-off
control under working title Condor
preparing for production. Another, more expensive offshoot of the game, Heronis still at the concept development stage. The team was given time to finalize the ideas before expanding the staff. Over remakes Max Payne There is also a small group working.

The concept of a multiplayer shareware game under the working title vanguard
are checking now. The project is being produced by the Chinese giant Tencentand together with a partner Remedy
decided to postpone the expansion of the team until 2023. During this time, developers will polish their ideas and key elements.

In connection with all of the above, the Finns have lowered their forecast for revenue and operating profit for 2022.


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