The cafe management simulator from the Chicken Police detective universe, which we wrote about recently, will finally be released. Hungarian studio The Wild Gentlemen presented a small indie adventure back in mid-October, but now Zipp’s Cafe will appear in Steam. The release will take place today, in just a few hours. The game has been fully translated into Russian and will most likely be sold at a discount for the first couple of weeks.

Zipp’s Cafe invites us to play as the owner of a small cafe, which is located between the city of animals and the insect area. Our goal is to come up with unusual recipes, listen to visitors’ stories and solve small puzzles. Judging by the description on Steam, 5 heroes will come to us with their own problems, which are somehow connected with each other. Well, we have to not only find this connection, but also help them.

The gameplay in Zipp’s Cafe is quite simple and consists of several mini-games with casual mechanics. We can brew a variety of coffees, bake meals and treats, and wash dishes after clients.



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