Yesterday a major expansion was released for the real-time strategy Age of Empires IV The Sultans Ascend with a new story campaign, two civilizations, a couple of dozen maps, as well as many commanders and awards. The DLC is expected to be the largest expansion for the series.

You can buy The Sultans Ascend for PC and current consoles Xbox, but keep in mind that you will also need the full version of the game. Both Age of Empires IV and the Rise of the Sultans expansion pack have been translated into Russian, but are not available for purchase from Russia.

The Rise of the Sultans DLC is entirely dedicated to the theme of the Middle East and takes players into the world of Muslim resistance and the war with the Crusaders. The new eight-mission story campaign adds many battles with the Templars, Teutons and even the Mongols. In addition, for the first time in the game, events will take place not only on land: both sides of the conflict are armed with fast ships with cannons on board.

For competitive battles, new commanders with their own unique skills were added: the enemy of the crusaders Nur ad-Din, the military leader Shirkuh, the Sultan of Egypt Saladin, the ruler of Baybars, the Mamluk Sultan Barsbey and many others. In addition to them, the civilizations of the Japanese and Byzantines appeared in Age of Empires IV: The Sultans Ascend and the factions already familiar to us were updated.



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