Already played enough Blasphemous 2, which came out at the end of August this year? It’s time to take a look at the “godless union of metroidvania and soulslike” – The Last Faith, which is made literally in the same style. The game will be released in just a few hours for all current platforms: PC (in Steam), Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. By the way, the new product from the Kumi Souls Games studio has been completely translated into Russian.

The main similarity between The Last Faith and Blasphemous is not only in the visual style, which seems to be repeated frame by frame, but also in the setting. In both places, religious notes clearly emerge.

As stated in the description in Steam, we have to play as Eric, who woke up completely alone in a tormented world. But his main problem is not loneliness, but memory loss and rapidly disappearing sanity. Will our hero be able to get rid of his evil fate and pass through a world full of ancient gods?

At the heart of The Last Faith, as in any metroidvania, is the exploration of an intricate map consisting of many locations. Here you will find snow-capped ridges and the ruins of ancient Gothic cathedrals. In addition, the main character has a whole arsenal to choose from: swords, firearms, magic. All this will open as you progress and level up your character.



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