No Hesi Car Traffic Racing is a racing mobile game where you get behind the wheel of a racing car and maneuver between traffic. In addition, there is a competition with a ghost opponent, through whom you can drive. The project was released on October 17 on Google Play in many countries, not counting Russia.

But cars in traffic pose a danger – if you hit them, a part is lost, and your car either slows down or stops completely.

For victories in No Hesi Car Traffic Racing you are given money, which is spent on upgrading individual parts of the car. Among the advantages, I can note a beautiful picture and a non-infuriating sound of the car engine. The controls are simple, without changing gears, and smooth turns and weaving between traffic take some getting used to.

The developers also added 3 modes:

  • Fast driving;
  • Tournaments;
  • Free ride.

They are almost no different from each other. In tournaments you have to place a bet before the start of the race, but due to the quick start of the match, I can assume that you will have to compete with bots.

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