Studio Bohemia Interactive has withdrawn its tactical shooter Arma Reforger from early access. The game received update 1.0. and a gameplay trailer with footage of driving a variety of vehicles. The shooter with cross-platform multiplayer is currently available for PC and Xbox Series X|S. Reviews in Steam Recently, the results have been mostly positive, although recently they were mixed.

In Arma Reforger we will find two huge game maps with a total area of ​​61 square kilometers, a realistically recreated world of the Cold War, as well as a Conflict mode in which you can fight for the USA or the Soviet Union with authentic weapons in your hands. But keep in mind that Arma Reforger is not, first and foremost, an ordinary simulator and shooter, but a full-fledged flexible platform for creating your own missions and battle scenarios.

As Jan Duszek, the project manager, stated:

“Arma Reforger and the new Enfusion engine are the new foundation on which we will build the future of the series. This release marks the beginning of a new era with many new features and improvements.”

Arma Reforger is available for purchase from Russia and is fully translated into Russian.



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