Necrosmith is a small necromancer simulator and a game that takes inspiration from Vampire Survivors in its appearance and gameplay. Moreover, this is not a simple carbon copy, as Chinese developers do with 20 Minutes Till Dawn, but a game with an original idea.

Necrosmith was released on iOS and Android around the world, including the Russian Federation. The game costs 249 rubles, and in the App Store it took 43rd place in the top simulators.

In Necrosmith, the player takes on the role of a necromancer who performs experiments in his creepy and gloomy laboratory. His role is to collect various body parts of opponents on the battlefield to create an army of the dead and undead.

You also need to collect resources to improve the castle in order to receive bonuses to the characteristics of units. And if you get creative and put together different parts of the body, you can get a secret monster. I note that on the battlefield the player can directly control the undead, but battles mostly take place in auto mode.

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