The authors of the incredibly popular Kingdom Rush: Tower Defense released Steam real-time strategy – Iron Marines Invasion. The new product has not yet even come close to catching up with its older sister with its “extremely positive” reviews in the form of 97% of almost 10 thousand reviews, but it has every chance. After all, the mobile version of Iron Marines Invasion was released for IOS and Android last year, collecting several prestigious awards.

In Iron Marines Invasion we will go on space adventures, discovering more and more new worlds with their own stories and dangers. Unique landscapes, a vibrant variety of enemies and biomes, as well as very fun story missions. It’s time to gather Federation troops and improve your real-time combat skills.

At the time of release the game already has:

  • More than 25 story missions that will send players to a variety of environments on distant planets;
  • 70 special “operations” to improve heroes to the maximum level;
  • 10 groups of units and 30 different troops that can be combined depending on the task;
  • 9 heroes who can be trained and upgraded;
  • 8 types of weapons, such as toxic bombs or drones;
  • 40 upgrades for units that provide incendiary rockets, ricochet charges and even drones;
  • 30 achievements to show off to your friends on Steam.



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