Yesterday in Steam an adventure in the spirit of The Truman Show appeared – American Arcadia, in which the hero participates in a reality show without his consent. Moreover, he doesn’t even realize that his life is just a script. The game consists of two genres at once, which change along with the characters on the screen: either a classic 2.5D platformer, or a full-fledged first-person puzzle.

The studio responsible for the game is Out of the Blue, which has already proven itself with the puzzle game Call of the Sea. American Arcadia came out in Russian and at a release discount of 10%. The game is only available for PC.

The plot of American Arcadia revolves around two characters: office clerk Trevor, who is the main character of this show, and Angela, a production technician who cares about the fate of a man. One day, the producers decide to go all in and raise the show’s ratings by throwing Trevor out of everyday life into a series of deadly dangers. Will he be able to overcome them with the help of a new girlfriend or will he die on live television?

The main gameplay feature of the game is the fusion of two genres, which constantly change places, creating a unique and dynamic experience. When you “steer” Trevor, life turns into an ordinary one-sided platformer with obstacles. And from Angela’s perspective, the game changes to an exciting puzzle game in which you will have to hack devices, think through a strategy and manipulate the world around the man.



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