GameMill Entertainment and indie studio Flux Games presented the gameplay of a new game in the Walking Dead universe – The Walking Dead: Destinies. The horror action game is completely based on the events of the series, but with one small difference – this time only we decide which of the characters will die and which will live.

The gameplay of The Walking Dead: Destinies will be based on choices that will entail dramatic changes in the original plot. Maybe it’s not Laurie who will meet his death in prison, but Karl? Or will it be T-Dog, not Merle, who loses his arm? It all depends on your game.

According to the developers, in The Walking Dead: Destinies we will be able to play as 13 heroes from the series, and all events will take place in already familiar locations. The trailer shows the streets of Atlanta, the Greene farm, and the Prison.

The release of the new product was recently scheduled for November 17, but has now been postponed to December 1 of this year. The Walking Dead: Destinies will be released immediately for all current platforms: PC, PlayStation 4|5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and even Nintendo Switch.



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