When the purchase transaction Activision Blizzard will be completed, all its assets will come under management Microsoft. This fact is definitely annoying. Sony – Large-caliber ActiBlizz games by type call of duty may no longer be available on PlayStation. However, the experiences of the Japanese are in vain – “T-shirts” do not consider such a decision profitable.

This fact was unearthed in documents from Brazilian regulators who are studying a deal between Activision Blizzard and Microsoft. According to the latter, the refusal to release call of duty on other people’s consoles does not make sense from a commercial point of view. The company will lose more than it will gain by refusing to release games on the PlayStation. “It’s just not good for Microsoft“, the document says.

However, the company believes the series could someday be profitable as a PC and Xbox exclusive. However, this situation looks unlikely due to a number of unnamed costs.

Also the exclusivity of the shooter series is contrary to the idea Microsoft that players always come first, not devices. The loyalty of gamers to the PlayStation brand is also noted. Apparently, the “T-shirts” assume that they will not be able to sink a competitor by taking away from the consoles Sony such a great product call of duty.

Such papers are published on the Web thanks to the Brazilian law, due to which companies are required to comment on certain transactions. Recall purchase Activision Blizzard should be completed by June 2023. Acquisition will cost Microsoft at $68.7 billion.


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