2nd beta test will be held for MMORPG Tarisland. In honor of this, the developers released a new video on YouTube, in which they also shared their vision of the game and showed employees at work.

Second PTA for Tarisland will start on November 15. Before this time, you must submit an application through the official website. I note that this requires a Level Infinite account, like Assassin’s Creed Jade. While Tencent does not announce which countries the test will take place in, you also cannot select a region – you just enter your email and wait for an invitation.

In the attached trailer, the developers of Tarisland say how important it is for them to create an MMO where everyone is equal, where you have to fight, solve puzzles and where the gameplay does not seem monotonous.

At the same time, Tencent forgets to talk about the main element of any F2P game – donation. It will be interesting if the developers limit themselves to season passes with premium skins. If it comes to different experience boosters, then F2P players will have to constantly catch up with the “whales” and farm more.


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