NetEase Games’ Ashfall is preparing for beta testing in China. For now, you can apply for participation through Chinese market. Qualification will be required to participate in testing.

Ashfall servers will open from November 16 to November 30. Players on iOS, Android and PC will be able to participate. Once the servers are closed, all progress will be lost.

Ashfall players will team up to survive in a wasteland inspired by Mad Max and Fallout. The basis of the gameplay is exploration of large locations, manual control and base construction.

Ashfall has a PvP mode. To win it, you need to improve and pump up your characters, plus complete tasks and assignments. More advanced players will be able to join a guild and participate in cooperative modes.

Those who have played Ashfall note that some weapons and characters are stronger than others, which affects the imbalance. But with proper leveling and proper distribution of talents, you can emerge victorious from the battle.

At least NetEase Games has a better chance of success with Ashfall than with MMORPG Dragon Spirit Realm.


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