On a recent Realms Deep 2023 New Blood Interactive studio showed an excerpt of gameplay from Fallen Aces – an unusual FPS about the 20s of the last century: gangsters, Prohibition, The Great Gatsby and the like. The entire beginning of the future game fit into nine minutes of gameplay. We were shown the main character Mike, revealed details of the plot and surprised us with pleasant (and slightly comical) first-person action.

We first learned about Fallen Aces back in 2020, when it was announced as part of the same Realms Deep. At that point, according to Andy Chalk from PC Gamer, the game looked like a combination of Condemned: Criminal Origins and Dick Tracy comics. Now Fallen Aces has acquired interesting hand-drawn inserts, as if from the pages of old magazines, and certainly has not lost its humor.

Unfortunately, the game’s release date has not been announced. But the developers said that the first episode should be in early access next year. If you don’t want to wait, you can play the ancient demo on the page Steam.



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