Real Car Racing Simulator is a mobile game in the RPG racing genre, which is rarely seen even on smartphones. At first it seems that this is another replacement for Asphalt, but this is far from the case. This project is based on summoning machines through the gacha system. At the start they give you free spins, so you don’t need to farm resources.

During racing, the player can only turn the car and enter a skid. The controls are not the most responsive, so you often end up hitting the side of the road. But something else is interesting – each car has not only a level of rarity, but also its own element. And since you can collide with opponents, the damage depends on the strength or weakness of the element. There are also zones on the tracks that give an advantage to a certain element. For example, a place with a large accumulation of water does not pose a threat to a car with this element.

If you thought that was all, you are mistaken.

How are the races going?

First, you select cars for your group.

After this, an automatic battle occurs between your cars and 2 opponents.

If everything went well, then you need to pass the last test – your cars take part in a race against the boss.

This is already a full-fledged race that can be set to auto mode. The main goal is to get to the finish line first.

Real Car Racing Simulator also has PvP.

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