Art of Rally is a mobile game in the rally racing simulator genre. It requires pre-registration in the App Store and Google Play. This will be a premium project with a price tag of 449 rubles and even more – there is a 40% discount before release. Release scheduled for December 14.

Art of Rally will feature Russian, but languages ​​are not that important as players will take part in rally races against the clock, avoiding obstacles, taking difficult turns and overtaking stuck opponents. In total, this game will offer 72 stages in Finland, Norway, Japan, Germany and Kenya.

Art of Rally has simple graphics at first glance, but the developers from Noodlecake have worked on the visuals and locations, so you will have to ride between palm trees and sakura. Each level has its own charm.

Art of Rally will also feature vertical gameplay, but the controls will be completely manual. Players can turn, throttle, brake, and apply the handbrake for controlled drifts through corners.

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