War in Arms is a team-based first-person shooter inspired by Rainbow Six Siege. Initially, its developers said that they needed time to prepare a beta version. No announcement has been made, but War in Arms is available in Georgia and Iceland.

In War in Arms, you can make a body kit for different guns: pistols, rifles, and more. Also, players can use additional weapons, including grenades.

There are several modes available in War in Arms. There will be more on the release, but for now you can enjoy:

  • Classic 5v5 mode;
  • Detmatch.

Of the minuses of War in Arms – mediocre graphics, which clearly does not reach the level of Rainbow Six Mobile. On the other hand, the developers have added a lot of mini-animations that increase immersion. Also objects like walls are realistically destroyed.

Even in the mobile game War in Arms, control is finely tuned, plus the player is able to peek around corners to reduce incoming damage. Also, gamers can use drones to infiltrate enemy lines and even check cameras.

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