Tactical shooter Rainbow Six Mobile is preparing for beta testing. Therefore, the developers from Ubisoft say bit by bit what to expect from the upcoming testing. One of the innovations is the level of pumping of individual Operatives. It can be upgraded by playing as them and defeating them.

Leveling up an Operative in Rainbow Six Mobile will unlock new weapon attachments and cosmetic items. The level of a fighter does not affect his strength and damage in battle. As Ubisoft points out, leveling up the Operative opens up new playstyles.

Of the advantages of Rainbow Six Mobile, some of the cosmetic items are unlocked through winning matches and leveling up Operatives. This functionality can be tested already during the second CBT. This was reported by Ubisoft Community Managers via Discord channel.

We talked about the exact start date of the Rainbow Six Mobile beta test in one of our previous articles. Just recently, the developers reminded that soon the registration for testing will end.


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