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Come on, admit it, boys – in the past, who hasn’t had to play with toy trains? Lovingly assemble the railroad, put a little monster on it, and watch with delight how he, puffing amusingly, overcomes the paved path.

Of course, every second male has such memories, and they are among the most pleasant. Now, all fans of railway hobbies have the opportunity to feel like the head of an entire company, and send not one, not two, or even ten trains on their way. True, for this you will have to work hard, but what in this world comes easily?

And this opportunity was provided by the notorious Travian Games (yes, the very ones that made Travian).

Just looking at this project, you can immediately see that the company does not stand still, and does not shy away from new solutions, of which there is a sea. But, let’s not be unfounded, let’s move on to “the most stubborn thing in the world” – the facts.

On the way to the railway Olympus

train gameRail Nation Gives Anyone Interested in Strategy a Chance to Start Their Own Rail Company

Although at the very beginning Rail Nation gives the impression of a “farm-like” game, this is not at all the case. No one will lead you by the hand here, and the main opponents will not be time, not the system, and not even intricate quests from the developers. Then who? The answer is simple. Other players. Yes exactly. The whole game is built on constant competition for the title of the very best. Moreover, this can be achieved by developing your own strategy, aiming, for example, at the use of more lifting, but also slower trains. Choose long routes with the delivery of more expensive goods. Or by buying out contracts with all the workers that suit you and similar licenses.

The gameplay itself is also very interesting. It is divided into rounds, each of which lasts 3-4 months and consists of 6 epochs. After this period, the winner is the one that builds the most “serious” station, launches the most trains, delivers the most necessary goods, and so on. After that, the server is closed and the player can start the game on another one. All his achievements will be credited and any association (the local analogue of the guild) if they see that they are dealing with one of the top 10 of the last five rounds, they will accept it without hesitation.

“Cog A, on the tongue B …”

locomotivesMillions of fans around the world are addicted to railway tracks, locomotives and routes

Now more about the gameplay. Let’s start from the station. It contains a certain set of buildings that cannot be changed, but can be improved. And in what order it will happen is an important point. What is at this very station?

Depot – increases the maximum number of locomotives the player has.
Laboratory – produces and stores research points.
Rail Factory – allows you to pave new paths.
Construction site – reduces the construction time of other buildings.
Bank – increases the maximum amount of your account.
Department of licenses – allows you to use a large number of licenses.
Railway station – brings a large number of prestige points.
Restaurant and shopping center – at regular intervals bring cash income.
Hotel – brings prestige points and slightly increases income.
Lottery – allows you to purchase lottery tickets.

railway gameJoin the army of railroad fans!

Well, the station is sorted out. Now let’s move on to the world map. This is where the treasured movement of the monsters of the railroads takes place. There are cities on the map that need specific supplies. And there are settlements engaged in the production of raw materials and goods. Some, in turn, also need certain external supplies, while others make do with exports only.

Commodity prices are volatile and change all the time, depending on supply/demand, the level of investment by a particular association (in the case of settlements, not cities, of course), and the efficiency of production. All this makes you constantly monitor the economic situation, which also adds “pepper” to the game.

Let’s move on to the most interesting part of the program. Trains. These guys of steel are the main source of gaming income. They differ not only in names and appearance, of course. Different trains have different reliability, speed, pulling power, etc. Not always the last composition in the “line” of research is ideal for your chosen strategy, so carefully look at what the next iron monster is capable of.

“It’s fun to walk along the road together!”

However, a lone player has little chance of reaching any high ranking at the end of the round. The main thing here is cooperation. An association (and, more often, associations) of five people, with a well-coordinated game, will achieve much greater success than five people playing separately. So look for friends, comrades or just colleagues who will help you become famous in the world of railways. Remember – together you are strong!


“Chief, come!”

So what can be said about the game? Great project. Extremely non-standard gameplay that makes you think through every step. Nice graphics and voice acting, and if the music can still get bored, then the background sounds themselves can’t. And finally, incredible opportunities for cooperative play. Bottom line – be sure to play! You’ll like it! Good luck on the road!


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