In our guide you will find everything you need to know about Raid: Shadow Legends.

There is probably no such person who would not have heard of Raid: Shadow Legends. And it doesn’t matter how many thousands of dollars you have invested in the game, how many hours of game time you have on your account, maybe you haven’t played it at all, but the fact that Raid: Shadow Legends is very popular now is a fact. Farming in games is usually tedious and time-consuming, but in Raid: Shadow Legends, it takes quite a bit of time and quick wits to make progress. This guide was created just to help you.

Raid is a strategy RPG with fantasy elements and very realistic graphics. That is why many choose this game. We hope that our guide to Raid: Shadow Legends will help you learn how to manage your game resources wisely and create a squad of powerful heroes.

You don’t have to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a game, and frankly, any game that implies that isn’t worth your time. So, here are some things to know before you start playing, and some tips that will save you time:

In our Raid: Shadow Legends guide you will learn all about:

  • Elements
  • Heroes (Champions)
  • artifacts
  • talents
  • Resources of silver, rubies and energy
  • Game modes
  • fights
  • Tips and tricks

What are the elements

Although Raid: Shadow Legends features several levels of difficulty, the element is the basis that determines the effectiveness of the hero in the fight against other types. Here is a list of the elements and an example of how they interact:

  • Magic (Blue): Stronger than “Spirit” (Green), weaker than “Force” (Red)
  • Spirit (Green): stronger than “Strength” (Red), weaker than “Magic” (Blue)
  • Strength (Red): stronger than “Magic” (Blue), weaker than “Spirit” (Green)
  • Darkness (Purple): Neutral

What you need to know about heroes

Anyone who has heard anything about Raid: Shadow Legends knows how important heroes are, as your job is to gather the best to take on formidable foes. At the beginning, you are given two heroes, but you can summon even more using shards in the portal, which increase the chance of summoning:

  • Mysterious Shard: Common, Uncommon, and Rare Heroes
  • Ancient Shard: Rare, Epic, and Legendary Heroes
  • Dark Shard: Rare, Epic, and Legendary Heroes
  • Sacred Shard: Epic and Legendary Heroes

Don’t invest too much in regular heroes that you get at the start of the game, it’s wiser to invest in heroes of the Dark faction, epic or legendary heroes. Finding them is not so easy, but even harder to overcome.

You can also combine four specific heroes into one new one with a higher rarity. But remember that it is always useful to have epic or legendary heroes in your hands, so do not merge cards, there may not be a second chance.

What are artifacts

Artifacts in Raid: Shadow Legends are basically items that give buffs to your heroes. They are valuable in quests and campaigns, they can be improved or sold for silver. So:

  • There are six artifacts to equip
  • Several artifacts from one set give the hero a buff
  • Base sets of several artifacts give an effect, for example, increase life by 15% HP
  • Advanced sets consist of four artifacts, and their effect is much stronger
  • Artifacts gain bonus effects as they level up
  • Just like with champions, don’t throw away silver and level every item that could soon be replaced with a better one.

How to use hero talents

  • You can pump the skills or talents of the hero with the help of scrolls. Of course, this only applies to epic or legendary heroes, spending scrolls on ordinary ones is simply useless. Hero talents in Raid: Shadow Legends:
  • In the game, talents are divided into attack, defense and support.
  • Scrolls are required to unlock buffs, you can simply buy them or go to the Minotaur’s Labyrinth to get them
  • Hero talents allow them to focus on exactly the tasks you need them to do

What are silver, rubies and energy for?

You can’t do without game currency even in Raid: Shadow Legends. Here’s how it works:

  • Silver is used to upgrade artifacts and summon new heroes
  • Rubies are used to open and upgrade the mine (which gives even more rubies), to buy Ancient Shards, as well as to buy other currencies
  • Rubies can be bought in the store for real money

Energy is needed to complete almost any quest or mission. Energy is restored until it is fully restored, so it is worth making sure that any excess energy is in use. In the store, you can purchase an energy bank.

Most of the resources can be obtained by completing daily quests and challenges. You can also buy potions, XP boosts, and keys to access the Clan Boss.

Game modes

Raid: Shadow Legends features many different modes in which you can earn the necessary currency and upgrade your heroes:

  • Campaign: Central storyline with multiple difficulty levels. The main goal is to free Teleria from the shadows
  • Dungeons: In each dungeon, you have to overcome two enemy attacks before facing the final boss. Keep in mind that the dungeon bosses are harder than the campaign bosses
  • Faction Wars: You choose a crypt, the battle for which consists of several stages
  • Clan battles: You need to join a clan and purchase a special key that will allow you to fight the boss for a decent reward at the end
  • Arena: Here you can fight with other players and get a reward for winning. For other PvP games, check out our top list of mobile multiplayer games

It is worth noting that the campaign is the best start for a beginner. And until you have pumped heroes, it is better to refrain from other modes.


The battles in Raid: Shadow Legends are pretty easy at first, but as you progress, the battles will only get harder. But here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Use buffs and debuffs: Certain attacks and abilities can boost your units or weaken your opponent. In general, applying debuffs at the right time is the easiest way to win a difficult battle. So you can defeat the enemy many times stronger than yours
  • Unlock hero talents: Certain talents provide a unique advantage over specific opponents, so they are worth developing and using when facing certain enemies
  • Don’t Neglect Items: The buffs you can get from using certain sets can really save your hero’s life
  • Cooldown Time: In any strategy, you need to take into account that attacks and skills require cooldown, this will help you most effectively defeat the enemy
  • Synergy: Successful combat is all about synergy and combining abilities into powerful combos, so keep that in mind when using your team’s abilities.

Other than that, battles are stat-driven, so you need some kind of edge.

Tips & Tricks

Here are some tips for newbies to Raid: Shadow Legends that will work even for those who are not ready to invest real money in the game:

  • Don’t make short-term investments: If you’re going to use precious currency to level up talents or other items, make sure you’re using the exact hero you want to play as.
  • Don’t neglect daily missions: You can earn a lot by completing daily tasks, otherwise you will miss a good way to level up.
  • Open the mine: It is necessary to open the mine as soon as possible to get more rubies, especially if you plan to play the game for a long period, as rubies are a very valuable currency and can be hoarded
  • Save the rewards: Some rewards, like double experience, are more effective later on, so don’t use them until you need them.
  • Don’t Waste Resources: In general, Raid: Shadow Legends is all about your resources. If you want to play a high-scoring game, all for free, you need to conserve any resources where possible, whether you spend Clan Boss keys on battles that you clearly won’t win, lose heroes and level up those for that you won’t play

Here’s everything you need to know about this game! Download Raid: Shadow Legends from our link above and start your journey as a warrior. Good luck!

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