Ragnarok 20 Heroes is a mobile action game, the beta version of which is available on the Korean Google Play. Players will manually control the character, destroying waves of enemies, and at the end of the level, the boss.

In terms of graphics and style, Ragnarok 20 Heroes is no different from other mobile games in the Ragnarok franchise. The only difference is that this time gamers get a corridor and isometric adventure, where there is an auto-mode, but it is also interesting to deal with mobs manually.

Note that the hero of Ragnarok 20 Heroes must be pumped, because initially he runs only with a sword and in underwear, completely without armor.

All this is necessary in order to pass the levels faster – how many stars the player will receive (maximum 3) depends on the time spent.

The Ragnarok 20 Heroes beta test runs from August 24 to 26 in South Korea, only on Android. The emphasis in this game is on improving equipment and online elements. Yes, gamers have access to different modes, including a hub city with other players.

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