The Racing Master developers did not deceive us and allowed us to download the game client before the start of the beta test. Servers will open tomorrow November 10, at 5 am Moscow time. And they will close only on November 28th.

You can play Racing Master not only on Android, but also on PC. This will be the first opportunity to try this game on PC through an emulator.

I note that you can download Racing Master directly through Google Play of participating countries, including the USA. Our insiders say that the game is not found through the Play Market search, so use the link to Google Play attached to the news.

The cars in this game can be freely customized. It will be interesting to see how this game ultimately differs from Ace Racer and Need for Speed ​​Mobile.

What’s new?

  • Racing Master players will receive gifts at release for participating in the beta test;
  • 35+ licensed cars;
  • Authentic tracks and cities;
  • Painting salon;
  • New gameplay and matchmaking system;
  • Clubs and fights between them;
  • For the first time on PC;
  • Availability of in-game purchases with a 150% bonus after release.

Google Play


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