Racing Master follows in the footsteps of other mobile racing games, especially Ace Racer. Because of this, you won’t have to accelerate or press the gas pedal—the car moves forward on its own. But this does not mean that the player can relax – he must perfectly enter turns using drift.

Racing Master test servers are already open. You can play on Android and PC. Officially testing takes place in 3 countries, but the necessary files can be found link. The PC client can be downloaded through the official website. Testing will last the entire month. It offers advanced graphics and control settings.

Racing Master doesn’t have an open world, so it won’t be able to compete with Need for Speed ​​Mobile. It looks more like a realistic replacement for Ace Racer and Asphalt.

New cars need to be knocked out through the gacha system; the developers give 1 free spin at the start. There are several banners and in-game purchases are already available. They will be back with a bonus after release. Read more about the new content in Racing Master in the previous news.

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