Scarecrow quests give certain NPCs with a green leaf icon above their head

MMO RPG Archeage is a very interesting project with an open world and many opportunities for players. The game is one of those that drag on for a long time. But we will not talk about all its advantages now – in this guide we will consider only such a structure as a scarecrow, we will tell you why it is needed, and how to get it.

By the way, when you complete tasks, follow the quest givers. A green leaf icon hangs above the NPC who can issue the quest, and when his task is completed, the leaf changes to a flower, also green. There are two scarecrow quest chains in the game: the Straw Hat Scarecrow (Small Scarecrow, unlocked at level 10) and the Pumpkin Head Scarecrow (Large Scarecrow, unlocked at Level 30).

The main features of the scarecrow

small scarecrow in archeageThe scarecrow guards everything that you plant or put on its territory, the main thing is to pay the rent on time

The purpose of this “building” is to protect your plantings and living creatures from other players (so that everything honestly grown is not stolen).

A small scarecrow protects a small area of ​​10 by 10 cells, a large one – 20 by 20 cells, and this is already a much more serious coverage.

Each player can place only one building of this type, so choose places to place your scarecrow very carefully.

Like most buildings, a scarecrow has to pay a weekly tax. Late payment – and the building will be demolished, and its drawing will be sent to you by mail.

By the way, you can set up a scarecrow not only for personal use. Among those for whom your farm will be open, you can add family members, clan members, or even open access to everyone in general – although then there is little sense in the scarecrow.

And now that we have figured out what a scarecrow is and why it is needed, let’s talk about quests.

Straw Hat Scarecrow Quest

little scarecrow in a straw hatA small scarecrow can be obtained upon reaching level 10 by taking a quest in the starting village of your race from a craftsman

small scarecrow, as it is also called, can be obtained in the starting location. After you hit level 10, just complete all the possible quests in the starting location – and, in the end, you will be directed to the craftsman.

On the Western Continent, it is located in the Lilioth Hills zone, and on the Eastern Continent, on the Tiger Ridge.

At this NPC, you will have to complete a chain of tasks, at the end of which you will be given all the materials necessary for its construction.

The tasks are not difficult at all, and are exactly the same for both the Eastern and Western continents. There are only six of them: “Life Moisture”, “Plant Care”, “The simplest culture”, “A rare variety of basil”, “Gateway to the Mirage”and the last – “Building a Scarecrow”.

Everything, now you have received a complete set of drawings and materials, and you can decide where to put your scarecrow. It’s already going on big scarecrow questwhich is somewhat more difficult to implement.

Quest to get a scarecrow with a pumpkin head

big scarecrow in archeage questUpon reaching lvl 30, you can take the quest for a big scarecrow

This quest will only be available to you when you reach level 30, and only if you have already completed the quest to get the Straw Hat Scarecrow.

After you complete a few tasks for the craftsman, he will send you to a merchant. Here, the tasks are already somewhat different for the Western and Eastern continents.

On the Western Continent, the NPC whose tasks will need to be completed is a merchant Escher.

First Quest – “Goods for the Land of the Talking Stones”and here you will have to make “Flower oil for lamps” and sell it to the Regional Goods Dealer in the Land of Talking Stones.

For this quest, you will need 50 pieces of crushed flower petals and 12 pieces of olives, as well as one merchant certificate.

You either buy crushed petals at an auction or make your own by grinding any flowers (you need to have at least ten of them with you) using the consortium’s miracle chopper (can be purchased from the merchant here).

Olives are also obtained by any means available to you (including purchase), and from the obtained materials you make flower oil in the regional workshop of the Liliot Hills.

After that, you go to the land of Talking Stones and there you sell the oil to the buyer of goods Francesco.

Francesco will instruct you to sell “Dense Felt” to the buyer of goods on the Solrid Peninsula – quest “Goods for Solrid”.

Here you will need to get 30 skeins of goat hair and 50 servings of crushed cereals (either make yourself from any cereals or buy), in addition, you will again need a merchant certificate. The principle of completing the task is the same – you get the necessary materials, make goods in a regional workshop, and go to sell it. This time – to Solrid, a buyer of goods Mildrit.

The last task in the chain – “Goods for East-Terra”. You must do “Provision for travelers” and sell it to a fence in East-Terre. To do this, you will need 30 eggs, 50 servings of minced meat (made from any meat of domestic animals on the same miracle chopper, or bought) and a merchant certificate. Again a regional workshop, again a journey – and a reward, pumpkin head.

On the Eastern Continent, tasks are carried out according to the same principle.

first quest, “Goods for Mahadebi” given to us by the merchant Saul.

We need to make Crunchy Flatbread and sell it to the fence in Mahadebi. This will require 50 servings of crushed cereals and 20 servings of milk. Well, the certificate of the merchant, as always (you can purchase three pieces in advance). You make the right product in the regional workshop – and forward to Mahadebi.

Here is a merchandiser Shasmina will instruct you to deliver “Banana Jam” to the fence at the East-Terra Wharf – the task “Goods for East-Terra”. For jam, you need a merchant certificate, 10 bananas and 50 servings of chopped vegetables (yes, a miracle chopper to help). The scheme is the same – we extract materials, manufacture goods in the workshop, and go to the customer.

Last task – “Goods for Solrid”. The buyer of goods at the East-Terra wharf will instruct us to deliver “Ointments for the skin” a buyer in the Crescent Fortress (this is already on the pier of the Western mainland). Here you will need a dozen dates and 50 servings of medicinal powder. After that, you get a pumpkin head, among other rewards.

It is made from an already obtained head from a pumpkin and a drawing of a scarecrow in a straw hat (if anything, demolish an already installed scarecrow).

That’s it, you can have your big scarecrow and scare thieves and crows with it.

By the way, a scarecrow with a pumpkin head can also be used as a field workshop, where you can create farm items. Otherwise, it is the same scarecrow, only protecting a much larger territory.


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